Friday, 15 February 2013


Bonus post - I have already posted below so you've had your Friday fill and a big ol' bowl of written chicken noodle soup for your soul but I'm sitting here brainstorming and scheming and I've had a sudden realisation...

I use this blog as an outlet to share all the things, big and small, that light my fire. My passions, interests, prerogatives and heart felt pursuits. But somehow I have missed an integral aspect of what I'm about - the random tidbits and things that I come across that grab my heart and tear me up and inspire me greatly.

Hence a new little segment on the blog - Feature Friday (an addition, not replacement to the Warm Fuzzy module my loves). I want to use this forum to share other messages and initiatives that have caught my eye during my day to day workings.

Maybe McQueen - A blog created and maintained by the Vashti Whitfield - wife of Andy Whitfield, an amazing actor who lost his battle with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2011. This beautiful, uplifting and incredibly soulful blog is her legacy to her beloved partner and is an absolute treasure trove of love and light. Do yourself a favour and spend five minutes looking over this site in your lunch break and smile. Vashti will encourage you to live your most grateful, meaningful and stunning life.

UNICEF - We all know a bit about this charitable organisation - advocates for child rights and targeting progress and awareness in the areas of education, child survival and development, child protection, HIV/AIDS, water and santitation, emergency response, sport for development and governance and policy. I've always known about this incredible organisation and kind of knew of the work they were doing but that's sadly where it ended. I never looked seriously into ongoing donations or offering my time or volunteer support. Well this morning that all changed. As I scoured the internet for my first lenten donation, UNICEF popped up and I spent a good chunk of the morning looking through their appeals and I knew I'd uncovered some amazing initiatives. Click here to see UNICEF's list of appeals that rely on one-off donations from its valued supporters. One that caught my eye was the Neonatal Health Appeal that 'had me at hello' with its astonishing and devastating headline - "Every year 4 million children die in the first 28 days of life due to largely preventable diseases such as measles and diarrhoea". Such an important message and initiative. Will keep you posted as I have a feeling my involvement with these guys may skyrocket because I've experienced a bit of an epiphanic wake up call! Check it out and spread the love.

Edgars Mission - I was stuck in a rut on the valentine's front and had no idea what to get David, since we had an unspoken agreement that we don't really do gifts AND that we would be apart for the day anyway due to the dreaded FIFO roster. But I wanted to get him a little somethin' somethin' (not at all intended to sound erotic...) that showed him a) I love him, b) he was my Valentine and c) I'd thought long and hard about something I thought he would like and appreciate. I came across Edgar's Mission through a post from the Wellness Warrior and Ermagerd berby ernimals! I oo-ed and ahh-ed for close to an hour at all the animals and poured over countless images of the rescued critters. I decided that I'd sign my love up for the Best Buddy program, where the donation would be dedicated to the care and nourishment of one of the animals at the sanctuary. Have a looksie at this beautiful animal sanctuary located in Victoria, Australia. They welcome visitors and volunteers year round, you can sponsor a widdle piggy or you just peruse their pages and have a read about the kind work they are doing. And I thought I'd finish with this - the little cutie patootie I chose for David - Hansel the Cow.

Blessings from a super special, love filled, bonus post x

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