Friday, 22 March 2013


Another fortnight, another two charities to feature! I am abso-positivie-lutely LOVING this new tradition and I think it's something I will adopt every Lenten period. For those who may not be familiar, when it came to choosing something to give up for Lent, I flipped the concept on its head and decided to take up something - that I would donate to a different charity every Friday during the Lenten period. Have a look back through the Feature Friday write ups to check out prior charities and maybe get a little inspired to add a piece of your own pie to an organisation that catches your eye (or your heart!).

Last week the charity of choice was the Make it Possible campaign. You may have seen the ads on the old talking picture box recently - it freakin' broke my heart. Gloomy lighting with caged animals singing to be free? Are you freakin' kidding me? I had no choice but to donate! Check out their website here. Their purpose in a nutshell? To end factory farming and to increase public awareness of the inhumane practices being carried out and the appalling treatment of animals nation wide. Since getting my little puppy, I must admit that I'm a lot more sensitive to the issues around the mistreatment of animals. The thought of these beautiful creatures, who cannot stand up for or defend themselves, being beaten, cut, sliced, caged and left to experience a final emotion of sheer terror ... it's almost paralysing. Here's how we end factory farming #makeitpossible.

I won't go into too much detail with this one because it's a widdle bit too personal and I don't really think this is the forum I want to discuss it out of respect to my family. My beautiful grandmother was affected by Alzheimer's and passed away within 5 years of diagnosis. The most gentle, beautiful and incredibly caring woman you will EVER meet - she has profoundly influenced my life and shaped the person I have become. I carry her around everywhere by wearing her ring and it helps me feel connected to her and know that she is still getting to experience everything with me. Note - we are both very excited and nervous about the big house move this weekend! Hehe. I chose to donate to Alzheimer's Australia in a hope to provide much needed funds to support research, advocacy and education. Check out Alzheimer's Australia's vision and mission statement here.

Blessings from my animal and nanny loving self x

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