Wednesday, 3 April 2013


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Hello my beautiful munchkins. 

I hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful week and are kicking awesome health and fitness goals inspired by the start of a new month. I used to be a HUGE fan of new starts – new weeks, new months and especially new years. Monday were my most perfect of all my perfect days as I would start the day by declaring I was ‘not having any fat/sugar/carbs’ as of today; or I would have resolved to be ‘running everyday’. Berm bermm, come Wednesday you would find me wearing an ‘I hate running’ t-shirt and eating nutella out of the jar. Since adopting a new perspective and approach to healthy, balanced and kind living, I realise that every single second provides us with the opportunity to become the best versions of ourselves. So if you indulged a little too much at Easter, and have ‘written off’ the week/month and have vowed to start eating healthy in x number of days or once it’s x day, I beg of you to pick yourself up and KEEP GOING. Don’t wait for that elusive ‘tomorrow’ - start now, this very second, and start making choices that lead you on the path to health and happiness. 

One of my favourite quotes is “Saying ‘I’ve already eaten badly so I may as well forget about today and start healthy eating tomorrow’ is like saying ‘I’ve already dropped my phone – I may as well jump on it and smash it into pieces”.

And now for a wee bit o’ workout chats. Today I’m doing ANOTHER class review. I am lucky enough to have had my boss give me a few extra days off because she thought I might need a break over the stress of moving and a hectic few weeks at the clinic. That’s right my friends, the beauty of being my own boss is that my boss has always got my back! HA! So with this extra daylight time to use for exercise, cooking, puppy cuddles and what not, I have a few extra classes booked in that aren’t typically available to me due to my work hours. Inspired by my beautiful Lorna Jane diary (the best diary ever – for the record) this month’s challenge is to amp up the exercises that lie outside of your comfort zone. Think hiking, kayaking, meditating, a new class, naked mud wrestling etc. I left a couple of voice messages with both Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling to see if they want to be training buddies for the latter mentioned sport but they’re yet to get back to me...

Class Completed – Circuit Class.
Verdict – Bowm chikka wah wah! I absolutely loved it! It was pretty intense and, upon telling the instructor that it was my first time doing the class, she said ‘well you picked a good day, it’s non stop cardio today’. My face went blank – great. BUT I told myself that I knew I had the fitness to stick out the class, it was just my mind that needed a little butt whoopin’ so I donned an inspired mindset and got to it. Boxing, running, step ups, burpees, skipping, jumping jacks, high knees – this lady wasn’t kidding. I finished the class absolutely knackered but with such a big smile on my face. I will definitely incorporate these sorts of classes into my week. I absolutely love the variety, the high intensity and the social aspect of it all.

Also just letting everyone know that it’s MNB (move, nourish, believe) month on the instaweb. I’m taking part in the photo-a-day mnbmonth challenge and it has already been so much fun! Check out the fun and the deets by searching #mnbmonth or follow my insta account @mlemar for daily snaps.

Blessings from my high kneed and high kickin’ legs x

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