Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Gratitude list time. Ain't nothing more satisfying, more happiness-inducing and more 'put things into perspective'y than an ole gratitude list. I could be having the shittiest day, stop myself and bust out one or two things that I am thankful for and tah dah - bad mood gone and energy lifted. Seriously try it. Right now. Grab the nearest piece of paper, your mobile or your own hand and jot down a list of 5 things to be grateful for. I guarantee once you name a few, a bombardment of things to be grateful for with slap you in the face. No matter how dire of a situation you may be in, no matter how low you're feeling, I promise you that if you give thanks to the universe for anything (big or small) it hears you and  sends a whole lot more things to be grateful for straight back to you. Like attracts like. If you are forever thinking negative thoughts (I hate that I don't have x, I wish I was x, I hate my x), well guess what friend? The universe only hears X and sends all that straight back to you. If you clean up your thoughts and turn your neggy bugs into happy little positivity butterflies then guess what - more happy things will pop up into your life and your 'gratitude' cup will overfloweth. So grab your shiz, get serious, get thinking and get grateful with me.

+ My health - I am every day becoming more and more appreciative of what my glorious physical body CAN do. It helps me get from A to B. It gives me strength to lift heavy puppies up for night time cuddles (that was not an innuendo although it did in fact sound very sexually deviant...). It gives me the flexibility to challenge and move and grow every day in my yoga practice. It is a freakin' beast. My lungs work PERFECTLY to help me breathe. When I fuel my body right my body's digestive system supplies me with abundant energy. My brain is a clever and ambitious mother clucker and it works it's little A off every single day to help me tackle my 'to do' lists and helps me professionally and personally.
+ My relationship - After a weekend spent with just the man and I, I can honestly say hand to heart that every fibre of my being needed every second of that weekend and it reminded me of how blessed I am to have someone in my life who loves and supports me and who is willing to put in the hard yards when I get stroppy. I have been a bit of a saddy pants lately and poor D has copped the brunt of it. This weekend, the first in about 8 weeks of us being alone, was an absolute blessed and overdue reminder of how much I love this guy and how great we are together (despite evidence to the contrary when we are both being turds).
+ My work life - From time to time I get very competitive and comparative. I think that I'm not good enough because someone, somewhere, might be doing a better job than me. I currently work 4 days a week and had a spin out last week because I was feeling guilty that I wasn't working overtime and as hard as those around me. But I had a realisation, midway during a D and M during date night on Saturday, that just because my way doesn't look like everyone else's doesn't at all mean that it's not right for ME. I have a job that allows me to pursue my interests, pay my bills, enjoy a day off and manage my time how I see fit. That sounds pretty good to me. I may not be a millionaire or on a six figure income for that matter; I may not be establishing a state of the art clinic or a mini empire; but I am happy and am working within my passion. Lucky ducky if you ask me.
+ Sunny days - I don't do well in Winter. I am crabby and cold 99% of the time and it just doesn't suit me. This week, oh hot diggity dog, I felt sun on my face approximately 4 times. BRILLIANT! Cue my happy Emily dance (*dancing*)

What are you grateful for? Share below and let's breed happiness like we're on a stud farm.

Blessings and love and cuddles x


  1. Love your work Em! This is a great exercise that i need to learn to practice more!! So here goes...I am greatfull for:
    - The wonderful, thoughtful, supportive, loving group of friends and family that I have. Whenever I am feeling down in the dumps I have an abundance of fabulous people to pick me up and remind me of how lucky I am :)
    - My gorgeous husband. I am soo blessed to have found my soul mate and I am soo excited about sharing new experiences and growing stronger together every day
    - My puppy girl. How could you not love Charlie Moo!
    - Plans and prospects for the future...and especially having the opportunity to travel to Darwin soon to visit my loves who I miss dearly!!

    1. This is amazing. Your 'Grrr-attitude' is BOOMING woman! x


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