Monday, 1 July 2013

FEED ME MONDAY - The Deliciously Simple Edition

There are countless blessings that come from my living in one the most beautiful areas of the world - the sea essentially at our doorstep, lush green forests behind us, friendly and smiling faces wherever we go, wineries and gourmet food stops only a stones throw away. Blessed indeed. But there are a few definite challenges that come with it too - the three hour each way commute to the big smoke and being pressed for time for each and every weekend that we visit. I wish I could freeze time during these weekends and be able to visit everyone and have countless cuddles and cuppas. 

You may be wondering why I'm banging on about time commitments and limitations and bla bla. But one area of my life that seems to be slipping by the wayside is having the time to get in the kitch and just 'be', play around with recipes and experiment with an array of ingredient combinations. My bad. This weekend is shaping up to be a perfect weekend to have a play so I plan to dedicate just a few hours on Sunday morning to having a play and get my creativity on. So I promise, new and exciting recipes for FMM are just around the corner.

For today's recipe and Feed Me instalment I'm-a keep it real simple. This salad is my daily habit. I absolutely love the taste, love the way I feel after eating it and love the simplicity of the ingredients and the incredible nutritional punch that it packs.

The "Eat Yo' Greens" Salad

2-3 cups assorted greens (kale; silverbeet; spinach; mescalin lettuce mix)
1/3 continental cucumber
1 carrot
8 cherry tomatoes
1/3 tin organic beans (cannelini; chick pea; butter beans)
1 Tbspn organic flaxseed oil 
Sea salt and ground pepper to taste

Optional but uber delicious additions -
Small handful of chopped corriandar
Small handful of mixed dried fruit (sultanas; goji berries; raisins)
5-6 walnuts (crumbled/crushed)

It ain't rocket science my darlings. Combine ingredients and dress with flax oil and garnish with salt and pepper. Stick a fork in the salad and then stick that fork in yo' gob. I love this freakin' simple salad. Afternoon pick me up and all round meal winner.

Blessings from my simple and under utilised country kitchen x

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