Friday, 11 October 2013

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY - The Prelude to a Post ...

I wanted to share this post with you, initially designed and intended to be a short introduction to my typical pictorial posts that I serve you guys on a Friday. But this morning, the words came hot and heavy, and who was I to stop them and stand in the way? They wanted to be shared. So here they are, infused with a little Emily essense, and yours for the readin'. Peace x

This morning I want to share with you an eclectic mix of everything that is inspiring, fuelling, driving and propelling me forwards right now. I have enjoyed such an incredible week and such simple reasons are behind the magic of it all. Surely I should feel better after a week in Bali of shopping, drinking and laughing (and please don't get me wrong - I absolutely adore being surrounded by friends/family exploring, enjoying and experiencing together) but the sense of utter peace, joy and an inner 'glowing' that I feel right this second is indescribable. 

I feel like, over the past few months, slowly but surely and for whatever reason my spark died a little. It would come back sporadically and maybe even hang about for a few days, but these feelings were always more so invoked by my brain telling me my 'shoulds'. I didn't really allow myself to simply let go, be and feel. And I knew, as all of us do as wise little souls, exactly what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be. Inspiration struck and I knew the steps involved. I started by reading. Simply reading. A book that I had put down about a month ago, two thirds of the way in, and I discarded it to the side because life got busy and I had 'shit to do'. I curled up on Sunday, tea in hand, and read for about 4 hours. Highlighting the passages and words that practically peeled themselves off the page, climbed up my oversized jumper and slapped me in the face.  I finished the book and felt, for lack of a better word, transformed. I feel like the girl who picked up the book was a far cry from the girl who put it back down. After that I knew my next step was to create my new vision board, to collate images and words and concepts that would perfectly capture how I want to feel and the reality that I want to create for myself (yep, this is a fru fru post!). 

Don't think that I've hippied out and spent the weekend smelling flowers and laying in the grass, although I occasionally did do this, but I still had an agenda, work to do, people to see, responsibilities etc. In truth, this week has also been one of my most productive in a long time! But as I was coming from a place of happiness, purpose, passion and peace - these trivial jobs and responsibilities came to pass so easily. My mind is sharp and clear, and my work has reflected this. I have made time each and every day for moving my body and somehow connecting to nature (enjoying the Spring sun while it's out); I have made time for daily reading whether its a chapter here and there or a good old hour lost in the words of others; I have cooked and experimented with incredible new and nutritious foods; I have connected with family and friends and 'shown up' for my loved ones around me; I have educated myself and pursued new passions; I have been silly; I have meditated; I have smiled and laughed and felt so ding-dong-dang happy that I felt I was going to BURST!

I had planned to do a simple, short and sweet, introduction to this post but these words have poured out of me as I have tapped away at the keys. So apologies for the early morning essay mi amigos, but I just wanted to share my week and my experiences with you. 

Oh and also, during my midweek shenanigans and soul searching, I found it. That big idea, that big concept and big calling that I have been mulling over and looking for, for what feels like forever. It came to me. Clear as day. So I'm-a sit quietly with my chai latte, my notebooks and my little soul and flesh this baby out. I might do another post, if I'm feeling cheeky, that better encapsulates what the frick I am going on about. My purpose and mission is so white-hot, razor sharp and incredibly clear right now that I do NOT know how it didn't find me sooner. Or, perhaps I should rephrase, how it didn't appear to me sooner. It was always there lurkin and getting its creep on in the background but, until I was ready, the universe chose not for it to reveal itself. 

Sending all the blessings, white light and other fru fru jazz to you now and always x


  1. What a beautiful post! Feel like I could relate to every word x

    1. YAY! I am still feeling just as aligned and incredible but reading back on this post I can see that I was in a bit of a happiness induced intoxicated state! Hehe. Let's keep our sparks going beautiful!


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