Thursday, 28 November 2013


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Hello my beautiful souls!

Apologies for being a little MIA lately. There are a few reasons. Firstly, and foremost, I haven't had time to really stop and reflect and be inspired to write. This week (and last week) has been absolutely crazy with both the clinic and personal things popping up in my life. I have always promised myself, and my readers, that I would never force my writing and would only post when it felt right or I felt called to do so. That hasn't really struck this week, mostly because I haven't invested the 'me' time in myself to allow me to chill out and just be. This is priority numero uno next week and I am promising you, and myself, that I will be putting pen to paper and getting my written prowess on. I miss it. Secondly, it's leavers (schoolies) week and we are happily hosting 5 boys. They've been great little guests, and very entertaining, but definitely have thrown the routine out a little. So early morning crystal meditation, yoga and writing is kind of a no-go. Thirdly, I am in a pretty crazy overcomitted stage of my life in which all my saying 'yes'es have led to complete overwhelm. I have a shite load on my plate at the moment, which I happily took on, but has made me reconsider what is best for me and my sanity. Which brings me to thinking about my resolutions for the new year. I'll be a 'saying no' girl for a while methinks. To try and knuckle down and tick a few things off my dream 'to do' list, rather than taking on other jobs and roles and projects. Ca-ray-zay!

In other news - James Franco and Seth Rogan helped to get me through this week. If you haven't seen their 'piss take' over Kayne's recent video - check it out. Guaranteed giggles.

Blessings, love and gratitude for you and all the support you send me x

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