Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A Christmas Poem

Direct from my heart to yours ...

Christmas day is here again and it’s time to celebrate
But this day is more than presents and piling up your plate
This season teaches us to stop and take time out to breathe
It prompts us all to realize that we are blessed beyond belief.

Now look around the table at the faces you can see
Grateful to have them in our lives, our blessed family
We’re fortunate to spend today with loved ones by our side
As I look up at my family, my heart well up with pride.

I’m proud of the adventures that we’ve all had this year
I’m proud of the people who fought so hard so that we could have them here
I’m proud of everyone’s success in study, work and play
I’m proud of each and every one of you, more than these words can say.

I often reflect on the blessings that I’ve received to see me through
And amongst the list of plenty, what tops it all is you
My role models and friends, my teachers and my guides
Together we go perfectly – a whole with no divides.

So on this day of giving, I want to ask a favour
That you take a second, look around and in this moment savour,
Savour the laughter, cherish the love and enjoy all of today,
And know that each of you are in my heart and there you’ll always stay.

Blessings, love and flashy christmas lights x 

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