Tuesday, 22 January 2013


"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

This simple statement holds so much truth and power. When you are ready and willing to welcome something (change, experience, opportunity) into your life, the people who will help you achieve all this and more tend to make a sudden appearance in our lives. The same goes for the flip side, if you are constantly putting out bad energy and bad vibes, a whole lot o’ negative energy is coming straight back at you sweetheart.

I have experienced this firsthand – as my mind wandered and I began to seek information to help me become the most vibrant, healthy, positive version of myself – a few teachers appeared before me.

The Wellness Warrior

Jess is badass. She is someone that was initially dealt what others may perceive to be an unfortunate hand (click here to read her incredible story) but used this experience to grow, empower herself and naturally heal her body. She is an incredible advocate for the new generation of health conscious wellies (wellness seekers) and documents on her site daily. She recently launched the Lifestyle Transformation Guide, an online program that details the 12 necessary steps taken to achieve your most kind, beautiful and healthy life. Check it out and begin to create the life you truly deserve. I have begun to introduce and implement these integral changes into my life to create a peaceful, holistic and compassionate existence. I am planning on doing a write up of my LTG experiences shortly - so keep your eyes peeled players.

 Health guru and sassy lady

Kris Carr is the mastermind behind the bestselling book ‘Crazy Sexy Diet’ which details her change in lifestyle, and sees her adopting a plant based diet and low impact, eco-friendly living. She launched her journey into health and wellness with the documentary ‘Crazy Sexy Cancer’ that chronicles her progress from her toxic, party girl lifestyle to a renewed cancer free, shiny, happy, healthy lifestyle. Her book has become my bible; her weekly videos, my entertainment; her blog, my knowledge quencher; and her spirit, my guide. If this was a highschool yearbook, she would be listed as one of my favourite and most memorable teachers - that crazy, wild, frenetic teacher that leaves your soul smiling and your heart singing.

Inspiration junkie, happiness ambassador & power woman (hear her roar!)

If Jess and Kris were my teachers and doctors in self love, health and nutrition 101 then Rachel is my teacher for inspiration, creativity, bliss and zest 101. Her little corner of the web is my source of weekly ‘sparkle’. She nurtures and encourages everyone she meets to follow their dreams and create a magical existence. A beautiful soul with a beautiful mission – do yourself a favour and let her be your teacher too. I guarantee you’ll learn valuable lessons in gratitude, charismatic living, happiness and vitality.

Blessings from my book covered and highlighter scattered student desk x

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