Wednesday, 23 January 2013


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Getting my sweat on has never been so challenging. I’m telling you now, my little senioritas and seniores, I would argue that the worst part of having the shingles isn’t the g-ross rash on my arms and legs, it’s the complete lack of energy, motivation and focus. This has meant that for the past few weeks I had lost my ‘spark’ – that little bit of fabulous energy inside me that pushes me, inspires me and makes me shine. Well I have worked my little 'a' off to try to get back my sparkle and slowly but surely it’s coming back (woot woot!).

I have resolved to, in spite of sickness and weather and any other type of external ‘excuse’ or disturbance, move my body for at least half an hour every single day. To help clear away the cobwebs, sharpen my mind and serve as my emotional outlet! I’m a wee bit of a stress pot (I can hear the collective ‘no shiz’ from my darling family and friends!) and within 10 minutes of a workout, the feeling that the weight of the world is on my shoulders almost completely lifts. For the first time in my life, this is one resolution that is not about losing weight, looking great in a ‘kini or any other solely physical reason – this is for my health and sanity.   

The beautiful truth I have uncovered during the countless hours that I spend with my nose buried in health books and magazines and blogs is this simple notion – by listening to, loving and respecting your body; you will achieve optimal health and wellness.

So here comes another challenge! I promise to move my body for a minimum of 30minutes every day. Each daily ‘move’ment will be based on how my body feels, by listening to and honouring my body each and every day I will ‘move’ my way through high intensity workouts, leisurely walks, runs, swims, gym classes, yoga, dancing around my house like a looney – whatever tickles my pickle.

Who is with me?!

It’s time we stop the torture – no more ‘I should do this, I should do that’, no more killing ourselves for hours at the gym to lose weight, no more hating our way through a work out – by simply listening to and loving your body enough to move it every day in a variety of ways – it’ll reward you right back by being the best dang sexy vessel in the universe!

Blessings from my movin’, groovin’ bod x

Challenge update!
Class Completed – Step Class.
Verdict – Eh, I’m on the fence (or shall we say ‘on the step’) with this one. I loved the high intensity, the music and the energy of people around me. But on the other hand, because I am still a little under the weather and feeling the effects of my shingles virus, with the jumps came head spins and with the lunge leg changes came weakness! I will definitely give this class another go, and am uber proud of myself for going, but I’m not 100% sold on this one just yet…

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