Friday, 25 January 2013


I'm a lover, not a fighter. I tell people in my life how much they mean to me and how much I love them annoyingly regularly (annoying for them - not at all annoying for me!). I recall my darling dad teasing me one night as I walked to my bedroom and, with an identical routine each night, said 'I love you mum. I love you dad. I love you Marmalade (my pert bird at the time!), to which dad teased 'good night lamp', 'good night toaster', 'good night couch'. The point is - saying I love you to those around me has never been difficult. But saying it to myself?! Bitch please - I'd sooner profess my love to a sabre-tooth tiger and risk inevitable decapitation. 

But why is this such a hard concept for us? 

I have friends who are scarily similar to me in terms of their morals, beliefs, personalities and even in physical appearance - for whom I will readily sing their praises to anyone who listens! But to toot my own horn and say 'Emily - you're amazing, Emily - you're  an intelligent woman' or simply 'Emily - you're doing great' seems to be one mountain far higher than any other I've had to climb.

Self love (mind out of the gutter please children) is an integral catalyst to our holistic health and wellness. By acknowledging your strengths, positive attributes, efforts and accomplishments - you are celebrating the wonderful person that you are and investing in the utmost important relationship in our lives, and that is our relationship with ourselves.

So here's the challenge beauties.... 

Grab a post it and write down 5 things that you absolutely love about yourself. Start small if need be - 'I love that I'm a good friend' or 'I love my hair when I wear it down'. Or go huge and declare 'I love my ass' or 'I love my smile'. Shoot me an email, leave a comment below or (if we're friendly) send me a text! Share with the universe all the things that are wonderful about you and be PROUD.

Blessings from my generous heart, my passion for life, my long brown hair, my thirst for knowledge, my dopey eyes and many other wonderful things that make me 'me' x

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