Monday, 28 January 2013

FEED ME MONDAYS - The Morning Boost Edition

Hello my three day weekenders! 

Hoping that everyone has had a beautiful Australia day long weekend and has celebrated it by spending as much of the weekend being as 'authentically Australian' as possible. And no that doesn't necessarily mean having a 'sausage cook off with ya mate Bazza' - but rather I think that it means spending time out and about, smiling, laughing and appreciating your time with friends and family. I had an absolutely idyllic weekend with my beautiful family and experienced the perfect mix of beach, food, fun, laughter and Nintendo 64. A highlight was sharing a green smoothie with mum and having her say that she ('surprisingly' to her) liked it; however a lowlight was dad knocking over my share of the aforementioned smoothie and my having my retro green floral carpet go just that little shade greener.

Just because it's a public holiday doesn't mean that I'm leaving you guys in the lurch for 'Feed Me Monday'! And this week it's by special request from a dear and darling friend.

This is an easy to throw together, nutrient dense, filling, delicious, beautiful looking dish and an absolutely brilliant way to say 'hello world' first thing in the morning and guarantee optimum energy and clarity for an amazing start to the day.

Up and at 'em Muesli

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 small handful of sultantas
1 small handful of goji berries
1 small handful of mixed sunflower seeds and pepitas
1 Tbspn chia seeds
A few sprinkles of coconut (shredded; chips or flesh)

Mix all of these little bites of goodness thoroughly and evenly. Add some milk (I use almond or soy but any milk of your choice would easily translate here - I just find almond in particular makes the dish feel a lot lighter in my tum!). I tend to add just enough milk that not everything is submerged but its just about to rise up above the oats mixture. Put in the fridge and let it chill for 10 minutes. Then, when your timer goes off, run back to the fridge as fast as you can and gobble this baby up!

Blessings from my goji scattered kitchen floor x

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