Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Rocky doin' his thang - 
See Challenge Update below to see how myself and Mr Balboa are more alike than you may have thought. Image found here

Last week I declared to you and the world that I would integrate daily ‘movings’ into my routine and I vowed to listen to my body and honour its requests. Result? Uh, freaking brilliant. I feel great and I am finding that (no surprises here) it’s much easier to coerce your body into doing something when it is already at the reins and keen to get started. Not to say that I haven’t needed a bit of extra push when my body has told me it wants to laze on the couch with a tea and trashy television, but we’ve reached a compromise and gentle exercise like a bush walk, yoga or chasing and playing with the pup for 30mins tends to win out on days like that.

In a few weeks I’m planning on doing a post that details examples of home workouts for those of you that need a bit of structure or need to kick those ‘house bound’ excuses to the kerb (i.e. “I can’t workout because I don’t have a gym membership; It’s raining; I have a pimple the size of Africa and don’t want anyone to see’ etc). So keep eyes peeled lovelies. Some of the very best exercises are those that use your own body weight as resistance and require no equipment!

How are you going with the challenge party people?

I hope your muscles are straining (in a good way of course); butts are lifting and sweat is dripping – there’s nothing more satisfying than that feeling after a workout. Whether its relief after a gruelling run; serenity after a peaceful yoga session or vitality after a scenic walk – hands down the best mood elevator and ‘put-life-in-perspective’er there is!

Blessings from my bouncing, bubbly body of biceps (sigh, it was the only word that fit and sadly this is entirely untrue…) x

Challenge update!
Class Completed – Body Combat.
Verdict – WAHOO! I thought this class was absolutely awesome. Exactly the high-energy outlet I was looking for. I was a little unsure as to what to expect but as soon as the first track came on – I was in my freakin’ element. I may not have looked the most coordinated in the class (I find it near impossible to coordinate both arms and my legs simultaneously – am I alone in this!?), but I jumped, kicked, punched, ducked, kneed and smiled my way through the fairly intense 60min session. Will definitely return, will definitely push myself to go harder and harder and will definitely emerge from my next class with hands held above my head and the Rocky theme song blaring me on exit…

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