Monday, 7 January 2013


About 5 years ago a spark was lit and I became engrossed in all things health and wellness. Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed, wished, played, talked, worked and strived for becoming the very best version of myself.

These days its not uncommon to find me a) in the kitchen whippin up a green smoothie or batch of raw brownies; b) devouring books/blogs/articles/sites on all things health and wellness; c) getting’ my sweat on either at the gym or whilst working on my love/hate relationship with running and/or d) talking love and positivity with anyone that will listen.

I feel like I’m staring ahead at a very exciting and winding little road but with no idea how to navigate it. That’s where you beautiful little souls come in. There’s an old proverb that tells us that everyone in the universe is a puzzle piece and it’s up to us to find one another and work together to ‘make the picture’.  I’m hoping that Bless This Mess connects me to all you puzzle pieces out there – whether you’re scrumptiously similar or deliciously different to myself.

In turn, from me, you can expect – the sharing of my thoughts, opinions, inspirations, ambitions, experiences, recipes, achievements, comeuppances (what a fabulous word!) and everything else in between.

I hope you enjoy and find something here that you love. I’d love to hear from what you’d like out of me (*No marriage offers please – I’m taken. Purely suggestions of content and discussion).

Thank you for being here and helping me to ‘Bless this Mess’.

Emily x x x

*Ryan Gosling if you are reading this – you are exempt from the aforementioned clause.

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  1. Miss Emily I adore this post, your mission, the sentiment, and you!!!


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