Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Are you ready for me to reveal an incredible secret to overwhelming happiness and bliss? A guaranteed way to qualm any worries or stresses and leave you with the biggest smile on your face? 

Ok, here it goes! 

Grab your closest friends and family, put on some white clothes, run 5km and splash the shiz out of one another with coloured powder. Instant mood lifter! 

The Colour Run took place in Perth over the weekend and it exceeded everything that I had hoped it would be. I am seriously contemplating starting a petition to ensure all race events in Perth conclude with a finisher's festival! The atmosphere, the laughs, the smiles, the busted contacts, the coloured belly buttons, absolutely everything about the day was perfect.

It was an absolutely beautiful running course along Riverside drive. I don't know what exactly it is, but there is something so calming and serene about running alongside the water. To top it off - the crowd was over 10 000 so the sound of 20 000 feet striking concrete, 10 000 effortful breaths, and 10 000 laughs and screams at the finishers festival was the most incredible soundtrack to the whole event.

And the best bit? It made me fall in love with running again. I don't run to make the Olympics (I'd sooner qualify for badminton after impressing them with a blindfolded audition), I don't run to eat donuts and I don't run to try out exciting new running gear. I run to experience the community culture of running events, I run to challenge my body and my mind and I run to immerse myself in a practice that teaches self respect, promotes fitness and boosts energy and mood. And little shout out to my sister sister - she absolutely smashed this run. Prior to Sunday, she hadn't run more than 700m and (get this!) she ran 3 x 1km stints! Can I get a hellsyeah?! Since the colour run, I have pushed myself to do the longest distance run that I have done in months, have booked in 4 running dates and have re-visited my old Runner's World magazines in hopes to keep this fire going.

Over to you my lovelies! What are your best running memories and surefire ways to get your motivation roaring?

I'll leave you with photos from the 'happiest 5km on the planet'. It truly was!

 The infamous and talented 'Team Jambalaya' - the before shot.

Shanny, Dad and myself after the run. Shout out to both of them! They did INCREDIBLY.

In the mosh pit o' colour.


Crossing the line. Hands held high. United mother chuckersssss!

The girls throwin' colour like a boss.

Blessings from my green, yellow, purple, pink, orange and blue stained commemorative tee x

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