Thursday, 14 March 2013

WORKOUT WEDNESDAY - The better late than never edition.

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You know those days when you're shlumpin' at your desk, thinking forward to your scheduled afternoon workout and praying that the big ole whack of motivation comes to you thick n' fast? Come 5pm though - not much has changed and rather than being covered in a glorious coating of sweat, you're instead covered in guilt. Sound familiar? I can count on one hand the number of times I have felt 'motivated' for a workout. Motivation is like a bad boyfriend, never there for you when you need 'em. Consistency is key and making exercise a 'non negotiable' and prioritising it each and every day. I've spoken about it a million times but since changing my mentality and adopting a healthy 'move for a minimum of 30 minutes each day' mantra - my relationship with exercise has changed pretty significantly. I haven't hated ANY of my workouts and am regularly pushing myself to 45min+ sessions just because it feels so dang good!

But, as the winter weather fast approaches, and any dregs of motivation are fast leaving the building, I got ya covered mi amigos! I've got a bag of tricks up my sleeve and would love for you to give these a go AND share the love -

What are your go to moves to trick that pesky mate of yours 'Motivation' and get you geared up and racing out the door?

1. Schedule morning workouts and BAN the snooze for just one week.

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Yes getting out of bed before 6am for a run is hard. But convincing yourself to go for that same run at the end of an exhausting working day is harder. For just one week try setting your alarm for 40mins earlier (to allow for time to change clothes etc) and take your ass out for a walk, run, gym sesh, weights session, circuit routine, yoga sesh ... anything that gets your body moving for that first half hour of your day. 
You may lose 40mins of sleep but you will gain that time back, four times over, in your productivity that day. 

2. Buddy Up

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Misery loves company? Heck no, happiness loves company! Make your training even more fun by adding a smiling friend to the mix. Plan to meet someone for a workout; make a pledge with someone that you'll both try a-class-a-day for a week; befriend gym junkies! We are living in an age where we can befriend people in the comfort of our homes - motivational accounts are overspillin' in the Insta-sphere and they aim to inspire. Surround yourself with people who embody who you want to be.

3. Reach for the Stars
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Set a goal and go for gold baby! Want to compete in Miss Muscles Australia? Want to represent Australia at Rio 2016? Want to run for 15minutes straight, compete in your first triathlon, ride 50km for a cause? Set your sights high and work towards it, every day.

4. Sign Up and Lock It In!!
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If you write down your 3pm dentist appointment in your diary, you go right? Write down your workouts! They are appointments with yourself and not ones to be missed! Or go one step further and sign up for community events like fun runs, tris, rides, obstacle courses, bootcamps etc. Community involvement and a passion for health and fitness are infectious. 

5. Change it up!
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If you watched the same episode of the same tv show, sitting on the same couch while drinking the same type of tea from the same cup, girlfren would be bored! It's the same for your workout. If you go to the same gym, or run the same route, wearing the same clothes, listening to the same playlist, your body would get bored and to be honest your results may even become sluggish too! Change it up! Change the scenery; change the type of exercise; treat yourself to new workout getup. Variety is the spice of life, so get spicing!

Over to you - head over to the Bless This Mess facebook page and share your best tips for beating the motivational lapses!

Blessings from my motivated be-hinnnnd x

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