Wednesday, 27 March 2013


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With no cold bugs, gastro bugs, migraine or fatigue in sight - the past fortnight I listened to my body to see what it now wanted to do. This month started off, riddled with bugs and colds, with very gentle exercise - lots of walks, occasional jogs, some core gym sessions and a lot-o-yoga! When I turned inwards and had a listen to what my, now very healthy, body wanted to do it was a loud and clear 'make me sweat!'. I have kicked, punched, rode, ran, lifted and stepped my way from basic workouts to a few weeks of pretty high intensity and am feeling ammmmazing! My body got the ass whooping it needed and it has left me with a clearer head, a more productive mindset and a little spring in my step.

For this Workout Wednesday - I wanted to share a review of a recent class I did that challenged me and ignited a burning desire to prove myself and never give up. I used to be the girl who's head got in the way whenever she was faced with a challenge, physical or otherwise. In a workout for example, I could be running along fine, feeling great and then all of a sudden the 'thoughts' and 'stories' come flooding in - 'I'm not a runner', 'I look stupid', 'Everyone is expecting 'the fat girl' to stop so just give up now' etc. In looking back on them now, from a distance, I can see that they are just stories and fictional ways of my ego flaring up and takin' over. Well, in the past few months, this negative self talk has been banished and I refuse to indulge my ego in letting even one thought sneak in! Of course occasionally  when your guard is down, these thoughts do come. It's important to acknowledge and refute ('I'm feeling x because I am tired and grumpy, I know I'm not x and am working everyday towards becoming the best version of me!') and then move on! Distract yourself - have a cup of tea, go for a walk, go for a run, call a friend who showers you with happiness. Don't sulk in your own misery, that's what your ego wants you to do. Jump up, declare a giant 'eff you' to your nasty bitch thoughts and move on.

Class Completed – The freakin' mother of all Mega Classes.
Details – 4 tracks Pump; 4 tracks Step; 3 tracks Body Combat; 3 tracks CX works and 3-4 tracks Balance.
Verdict - I may have been quietly dying inside and, in fact, a little on the outside too (cue sweat, asthma induced warthog sounds and wrinkly face) but boy oh boy this class got me fired. With the completion of each 'mini class' I became so fired up. I often segment my workouts into chunks and therefore acknowledge that I'm a third closer to the end or half way etc - I find it puts it in perspective and gets me to push harder! So with each segment done, I gave myself a mental high 5 and vowed to go harder in the next one. Favourite tracks? Combat and Pump. Least favourite? Step. I am freakin' terrible at Step! I am so in-coordinated and stumble over my own feet, let alone the elevated step in front of me! But I got to the end of Step with the BIGGEST smile because I never allowed myself to give up. Yes - I felt silly and out of my comfort zone and my legs were already quivery post-Pump but every time I stumbled I picked myself up and kept going. I absolutely loved this class and what a way to kick off the weekend! I wish they held these all the time - it is challenging, exciting and doesn't allow your mind or body to get bored because it just keeps spicin' things up! If you EVER have the opportunity to head along to one of these - please do. Your health, and ass, will thank you for it. 

Blessings from my sweat drippin', always movin', happy, healthy body x

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