Thursday, 28 March 2013


If you're a regular Wellness Warrior peruser you may have noticed my mug featured on Jess's page today. Egad - that's a shock to the system on a Thursday morning when you are surprised by your own head! Jess has featured my write up (the biggen that it is) of her Lifestyle Transformation Guide - an educational, motivational and inspiring tool that has been a key ignitor in my little overhall and kicked off my pursuit for becoming the healthiest 'me' imaginable.

Click here if you're wanting to purchase Jess's amazing guide or to read more into it if I have gotten you all intrigued and what not!

Blessings and smiles and happy easter wishes x

PS. Check out tomorrow's bonus post, all ready and scheduled for Good Friday so you still get your happiness pills over the break! Feed Me Monday will also be up and available early Easter Monday so you can spend the day off ankle deep in cooking utensils and recipes. Public Holidays, Shmublic Shmolidays - I ain't leavin' you guys hanging! 


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