Friday, 29 March 2013


Found here.

+ Everything I'm searching for is within me
+ Whatever I can imagine - the universe can deliver
+ I am free to create success in my life - it is my choice
+ I am immune to other people's opinions
+ My life has meaning and purpose
+ I feel passionately about my life and this passion fills me with excitement and energy
+ I maintain a positive attitude
+ Each day is a new opportunity
+ I recognise and express my unique talents
+ A shift happens when I let go
+ I am committed to my goals. I embrace uncertainty.
+ I love writing the script to my life
+ It's never too late to create a new body

Over to you my beautiful souls. What words do you live by? What mantras are revving your engine? 

Share your affirmations in the comment section below... BTM has recently unlocked the comments section so now they're open to err'ybody! I can't wait to hear from you darling.

Blessings from my mantra chantin' soul x

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