Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Today I pass you over to the expertise of my beautiful friend Jennifer Birkhead from Vivid Health and Fitness. Jen is a health and fitness guru. She's a high kickin', quinoa eatin', spin class teachin' and wellness lovin' mama of two beautiful girls and strives everyday to lead by example and pave the best possible future for her two cherubs. 

Jen has developed a workout plan that requires no gym, no equipment, not too much space and a whole lot of umph! I urge you to challenge yourself and give this a go.

If ever you're in a bit of a workout lull or you just ain't feelin' it - remind yourself that "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you". This little baby of a mantra has gotten me through many a workout and pushed me to give it my all!

The Vivid Workout
your ticket to living a vivid life!

 Warm up for 5 minutes with some sort of cardio

10 squats
10 push ups
10 lunges right
10 dips
10 lunges left
10 burpees

20 squats
20 push ups
20 lunges right
20 dips
20 lunges left
10 burpees

30 squats
30 push ups
30 lunges right
30 dips
30 lunges left
10 burpees

40 squats
40 push ups
40 lunges right
40 dips
40 lunges left
10 burpees

50 squats
50 push ups
50 lunges right
50 dips
50 lunges left
10 burpees

Then all the way back down through the sets, 40, 30, 20 and 10

Feeling competitive? Have a go at this routine and leave your overall time in the comments section below - I dare ya!

Blessings from a heart-racin' and sweat inducin' wonderful workout x

Psssssst - Want to know more about Jen? See details below for how you can work with her to achieve your own health and fitness goals. Warning - she is amazing, she kicks butt and absolutely believes in a good ole fashioned sweaty workout!


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