Thursday, 11 April 2013


Dear Universe

This week I am grateful for ...

+ Finally gaining settlement on our first house
+ Having a weekend filled with abundant love and positivity
+ My healthy mop o' hair
+ My thirst for knowledge & having you provide me with many an opportunity to quench it
+ Cuddles
+ The improved health of a family member
+ Timely connections and 'chance' meetings
+ Proving your infinite wisdom and divine synchronicity in everything I do
+ Having money come in exactly when I needed it
+ Assisting my loved ones when I have asked you to step in 
+ This frikkin' gorgeous change of season weather
+ The beautiful surrounding bush and beaches that I live in
+ Tea. I am always grateful for tea
+ A stellar start to the AFL season by my team (hehe)
+ Vibrant, in yo' face colours

Thanks guy - you sure know how to make a girl feel blessed!

Your little love ambassador,


Over to you my cherubs! What are YOU grateful for today? Count your blessings and come to realise what an incredibly gifted and miraculous life you lead. Pop one or two nuggets o' gratitude in the comment section below.

Blessings from my grateful and beaming heart x

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