Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A GIVEAWAY - Because I love you and because I love the MNB philosophy.

I have been MNB'ing for the past 18 months or so, fairly fanatically. Prior to that I was a huge health nut and still finding my feet in the world of wellness. I have dedicated the past few years of my 20s to finding out who I am, creating who I want to become and manifesting a life that I love. I would have to have been hiding under a rock then to be so engrossed in the health and fitness realm to not have come across Lorna Jane.

Lorna Jane is a company that launched almost 25 years ago (yes, when I was still being brewed in my mummy's tummy) that set out to revolutionise the fitness world for women. Our attire options were once limited to hi-cut leotards and baggy shirts and tracky dacks. Now, at the starting line of any event across the nation, the beautiful colours, styles and designs of the ladies' outfits are evidence alone of the incredible fusion of fitness and fashion over recent years. I can't tell you the number of times when motivation has been lacking and a new wardrobe purchase has made all the difference in getting my ass into gear! 

When I first heard of Lorna Jane and came across her stores, about 10 years ago, I must admit I was a little sceptical. I thought the garments were a little overpriced and it felt like a cult. But the truth was, I was jealous of anyone who had the means to afford the clothing, accessories and bags because being a fresh out of high school no dollar to my name kind of girl, it just wasn't attainable.

But a few years ago I revisited the stores, looked online and found out more about the woman behind the company. And now I am completely hooked. I will admit, the marketing team at LJ do a stellar job. Absolutely incredible! But if you have a look around and get to the heart of the brand, the mission behind the scenes and the incredible women (and a few men!) that make up this company then you will see that their eyes are looking forwards towards an active life revolution, not towards money guzzling. The garments that I once thought to be overpriced, I now think are actually just reflective of their quality AND the fact that they are designed and made in Australia definitely wins brownie points with me.

I received Lorna's Move Nourish Believe book last Christmas and devoured it in only a few days. In it Lorna shares her vision, her story, her secrets and her soul. It talks you through the essence of Lorna Jane which is the Move, Nourish, Believe philosophy - a simple recipe for your best life and one I've been road testing and freaking loving for almost two years.

Move your body every day
Nourish your body with good, wholesome, healthy food
Believe that anything is possible and set out to achieve your dreams

Simple, poetic and completely accurate. Move your body in ways that YOU enjoy, and it won't seem like a chore. Nourish your body and experiment with healthy creations and flavours that leave you bouncing with energy and oozing health. Believe and love yourself and maintain a positive attitude towards all that lays in front of you. 

So, after all that gushing and rambling, the purpose of today's post is to share the vision and 'pay it forward'. I have a bonus copy of MNB to giveaway and I would LOVE to use this opportunity to hear from and connect with you. 

I am proposing a challenge - that we each set ourselves a goal to MNB this May. Think of a way to challenge your fitness, maybe sign up to a fun run or community event, and get your body moving. Go crazy with google and get your experimentation on in the kitch' to find new and exciting ways to nourish your body. Amp up the positivity. Revisit some of my Fuzzy Friday posts or start to incorporate daily affirmations to get those happy juices flowin' and believe that anything is possible.

To be eligible for the giveaway you need to be living in Australia (sorry my overseas-ers) and complete the following steps -

+ Leave a comment below with how you plan to challenge yourself to MNB this month
+ Follow BTM on facebook OR Follow @mlemar on instagram
* The winner will be announced on Friday 24th May. So get liking, sharing, loving and above all MNB'ing!

I can't wait to hear from you and I am so excited for you to discover your best life as you learn to incorporate the MNB philosophy into your own day to day life.

Blessings from my overflowin' heart and big ole smiley face x


  1. YES! First comment! NEAT-O! You will never believe who just signed up for her newest fitness challenge....10 sessions of bootcamp (courtesy of good ol' Scoopon)! Thats right, little old me! I'm going to drag my scrawny butt to a bootcamp session every week, with a school friend. We start tomorrow and i couldn't be more excited!! I'm getting so bored with my usual routine and this was the perfect opportunity to spice it up on a budget! Wish me luck!

    Oh and by the way, Bless This Mess is absolutely wonderful. You are doing such an amazing job with it! I am so proud of you chicken. Keep up the great work xx

  2. I'm going to focus on getting more creative with some clean cooking in the kitchen! And adding more super food smoothies to our diet. I bought some maca powder the other day and have rearranged the pantry so that all the good stuff is at eye level ;)
    I also want to stretch more and add some yoga moves to my daily mat is out and ready!

  3. I'm going to focus on being thankful each day for three things. I'm an avid long distance runner, but this week have been diagnosed with a stress fracture in my foot. Which means rest. No running, walking, rock climbing, cycling. Perhaps swimming - my lovely uncle will help get me in to the pool more often!
    This rest thing is very hard for me, mostly its a psychological battle so I'm hoping thinking grateful thoughts daily will help me get through it and get back on track, still smash marathon by end of 2013 and be all the stronger for it!


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