Thursday, 16 May 2013


Happy mid-week shennanigans everyone. I hope and trust the week so far has been a smiley, bouncy, happy one. 

Just a quick post this morning my loves, because I have something to share with you all. Since plugging away at the keys and writing weekly posts for Bless This Mess, I have fallen head over heels in love with writing and, if you couldn't tell, more in love with shouting (ahem screaming) the wellness message. So much so in fact that I'm pursuing it a little more these days and slowly but surely it's becoming almost like a second job. BUT like anything in life that you're passionate about - when you are in love with what you do, it will feel like you never work a day in your life. My metaphoric plate has never been so full and yet as I tackle what's infront of me one bite at a time, it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

I was recently chosen to be a regular, weekly contributor on Emma Sutherland's amazing website and blog. Emma is a naturopath, mother, tv presenter, author and a women's health and wellness guru. I am so honoured to be contributing to her incredible vision and hope that my writing might in some way inspire others to love themselves more and cherish their health. You can check out my first introductory post for the site here.

Also a reminder to get your cute little derrieres into action and get involved in BTM's first giveaway! Read yesterday's post for more deets but bottom line is - challenge yourself to MNB over the last remaining few weeks of May (and beyond of course!); 'like' BTM on facebook OR follow BTM on instagram. I forgot to mention yesterday, I was clearly too excited, that I'll announce winners next Friday the 24th May so you still have a week to share the love and leave a comment on the blog to be in the running.

Blessings from my excited little tootsies x


  1. Well done Em! Great news on the blog :) will defs check it out. Xx

  2. Whoo hooooo!!!!!! Congrats sweetheart! xxxxxx


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