Friday, 17 May 2013


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Happy Friday my beauties. Today is warm fuzzy Friday - a virtual reminder for you to take a moment in the crux of your busy day and reflect on all the good in your life. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones; replace fear with excitement; regret with action; self pity with self empowerment! 

On this Friday I am feeling particularly blessed. I am celebrating a faux Mother's Day with my beautiful mama - starting with a smoothie breakfast; a trip into town; a surprise destination this afternoon and a walk together this afternoon. Bliss. I am also feeling even fuzzier because it is now less than 24 hours til I am reunited with my precious little sister. I am buzzzzzzing.

So what better way to kick off the day than with a gratitude list - come join me won't you? I'm serious. Grab a post it, your iphone, a pen and paper or just count your blessings on your fingers! Let's get grateful.

+ Spending time with my mama
+ A netball win this week
+ Yoga progress
+ Messin' up my kitchen with delish recipes
+ Feeling strong and healthy in this chilly weather
+ Planning surprises for my mama
+ Cosying up to watch the Survivor finale
+ Inspirational realisations and affirmations
+ Secret projects and planning in the works
+ Gorgeous clients at the clinic
+ Clearing skin (such a basic thing to be grateful for, but a huge thing for me!)
+ Loving messages of support

Blessings from my gratitude-infused heart x

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