Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thankful Thursday

Stealing a cue from the MNB team and I am kicking off this Thursday in the best way possible - a healthy serve of humble gratitude pie.

This week has been a bit of a toughy. An emotional rollercoaster with a shitload of loop-de-loops and sharp turns. But, like everything in life, it came to an end and I've settled back down and am ready and motivated to keep going and chase those dreams o' mine. This week I am most grateful for:

+ Having a roof over my head during the scary weather this past week
+ And on that note, having a snuggly bed to keep me warm!
+ Enjoying some delicious and uber nourishing meals 
+ Taking myself on a smoothie date and sitting alone in a cafe with my thoughts and a notebook
+ Being super productive in the clinic and putting a hell of a lot of ticks on my 'to do' list
+ My friends and family and their love and kindness. Not a day goes past when I won't be grateful for them
+ Minor, but albeit significant, puppy training progress
+ The fact that the weekend is so close I can smell it
+ Late night epiphanies and goal setting
+ My Poppy's improving health and the power of love and prayers
+ Sunshiney mornings, even if they only last for an hour!
+ Smiling. Smiling is my favourite.

What are you thankful for in your life at the moment? A particular person? Tell them. A particular situation? Write it down and thank the universe. Something that you've done or achieved? Show yourself some love and praise. Gratitude breeds gratitude - by being thankful you will attract more and more things to be thankful for! So go on, get thanking.

Blessings from my content and peaceful soul x

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