Monday, 10 June 2013

FEED ME MONDAY - The Lean, Green and Mean Edition

Aloha my friends! I hope every single one of you had an incredible weekend and they are ready to tackle this week with gusto and inspiration - wahoo!

Today's very quick FMM post is a simple, but new favourite, green smoothie concoction. Oh holy devils it is good. I use the term 'green' smoothie loosely however as the mixture of green spinach and purple/red berries give it more of a brownish hue. But please trust me, it is delicious, and will put quite the spring in your step when consumed!

Green Smoothie (Based on a Pear Zapper)

Half a frozen 'nana
Small handful of frozen mixed berries
1 pear diced
2 BIG ole handfuls of spinach (I would guess 3-4 cups)
Coconut water to thin down if you prefer

And blendddddddddddddddd and enjoy! Such a delicious morning/afternoon treat and so nourishing. It's getting a little hard to down these babies in the throws of winter so invest in a double walled smoothie jug and chugga chug away!

Blessings from my smoothie loving smiley mouth x

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