Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I have a new crush. And he is crazy haired, tie dye wearin', hippy to the nth degree and he is such a wise ole incredible soul. David Wolfe. When my friend and I decided to purchase tickets to his lecture to hear him speak, we didn't know exactly what it would involve or what he was all about. David Wolfe is a BIG name in the wholefood nutrition world and he primarily advocates for a raw food diet but his message about food and nutrition goes beyond that. He is so in touch with the spirituality of health and food and acknowledges that a clean mind and clean eating are synonymous with a healthy spirit and body. I wish o' wish that I could have attended his previous lectures because there are a million and one things that I didn't get a chance to ask him or learn about - but I am so so grateful for the opportunity that I did get in listening to him speak AND it has definitely provided me with ample food for thought and inspired the patooties out of me. His message in a nutshell? Live in the moment, make it the 'best ever' and watch these moments amalgamate into the 'best life ever'; eat foods that are rich in enzymes, minerals and as close to their natural state as possible; laugh and find the humour in everything; ignore the 'shoulds' and focus on your own journey. Sigh, simple and poetic. I love him.

AND my night was made even more exciting when I was announced as winner of the RAWffle (hahahhahaha - raw food and word puns make me happy) and won a little kit of exciting bits and pieces and got to give David a big ole squeezy hug!

David's Pearls o' Wisdom (from Emily's scribbly notebook!)

+ Everyday purify yourself with 'air; earth; fire and water'
+ Warm salt water is the household cure for almost all ailments and illnesses (hello cold and flu season!)
+ Let food be thy medicine; and medicine be thy food
+ Never 'force' your dietary changes; let flow guide you
+ Eat chocolate - studies have shown that chocolate eaters have HALF the risk of heart disease of non-chocolate eaters
+ Levitational forces are actually stronger than gravitational forces. This is how we grow taller and stronger and elevate.
+ "Whatever the problem is, there is a solution"
+ Epigenetic foods - life force; healing foods
+ Take off your shoes and be 'earthed' at least once a day

Blessings from my David Wolfe ever lovin' heart x

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  1. Love the endorsement of chocolate - not a night goes by without a piece being savoured :)


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