Thursday, 11 July 2013


Apologies for the quiet week. I have been head down ass up in the clinic trying to get on top of everything while fighting off a dang cold. I've also been working on a few creative little projects which will all be revealed in good time my pretties.

It's time to crank the thankfulness for this Thursday and exercise our 'Grr' attitude.

Dear Universe. This week I am grateful for -

+ Happy moments, alignment and feeling like I'm 'on track'
+ The clients in my clinic and the progress they are making
+ The beautiful community of readers and supporters who are encouraging me and givin' me warm fuzzies
+ My running mojo coming back
+ Planning tomfoolery and exciting adventures
+ Having freedom and choice
+ Feeling squeaky clean after my fourth cleanse day
+ Messages of love, inspiration and cuddliness pouring out of my inbox
+ New friends
+ Old friends
+ Ticking items off the ole 'to do' list
+ Cold night tracky pants weather and king bed cuddles
+ Rainbow glimpses during breaks in the storms
+ Feeling blessed pretty much 24/7
+ Pre-loved book bargains

I want to hear from YOU. What are YOU grateful for?

Blessings from my smiley, happy, shiny little bubble o' happiness x

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