Friday, 12 July 2013

WARM FUZZY FRIDAYS - 'We exist within the universe and the universe within us'

Today is a bit of an eclectic mash up on Fuzzy Friday images and Feed Me Monday nutrition information. Best of both worlds? Me thinks so!

After seeking inspiration for this week's post - I was inspired by an image that I saw via a science group on facebook (yes, I'm THAT girl) and it stopped me dead in my tracks. It was a blown up image of the blood vessels of the human eye and it was juxtaposed with the caption that suggested it looked eerily like a forrest. Um it SO did. So this image got the 'hippy' side of my brain working in overdrive. We obviously know that we exist within our universe, but how much of our universe exists within us? Just how closely linked are we with our universe? The similarities between us and the animals around us; the physical similarities between our eyes and the galaxy; and the incredible links between food and our bodies.

I was first brought to this concept of the connection between our foods and our organs; how those foods that physically resemble certain organs actually boast specific macro and phytonutrients that benefit the function of that same organ; during a nutrition seminar that I attended in September last year. I've been fascinated since. So what better forum to share it than right here on Bless This Mess. I'll let the following images do the talking.
Read more on the links between foods and our internal organs:
Natural Magic (All of the above images were sourced from this beautiful page)
Women's Day
Celestial Healing Wellness Centre

Blessings from my scarily carrot-y looking big ole brown eyes x

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