Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Want to get your heart rate up? Want to get sweaty? Want a fantastic total body workout that you can knock out in the comfort of your own home? Well then look no more baby cakes, I am here share a killer workout that I promise you I will test drive myself this evening (and will share my experiences via the Bless This Mess facebook page - so be sure to 'like' us and keep up with all the latest from BTM headquarters.

Melissa Ambrosini is another one of my current 'girl crushes'. David is starting to get uber suspicious and he is questioning my authentic 'orientation' as I'm forever quoting, googling and showing him interviews of all my favourite wellness leaders (majority of them being freakin' stunning beauties, and a few spunky boys!). Her blog is a beautiful compilation of recipes, interviews, inspiration and sweaty sweaty workout advice. Her body does the talkin' and she is an absolute spot of 'vision' of health and wellness. This morning she shared her personal trainer's workout, that she recently launched at her 'Babes not Bears' workshop in Melbourne, via her instagram. And it is a gooden my friends.

Sit Ups
Squat Jumps
10 reps of each; then 8s; then 6s; then 4s; then 2s

Oh I can feel the burn already. Let's lock it in. Let's break with convention and this afternoon put on our Sunday best (your Sunday workout best, of course) and smash this out. I'll be doing this circuit after my afternoon run (weather pending) so I guarantee my BTM update will be courtesy of some very sweaty fingers as I type it.

Blessings from, and wishing you a happy, sweaty, well and healthy workout Wednesday x

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