Thursday, 1 August 2013


Everyone is an author. Whether they are creative, inspired to put pen to paper, or whether they are even literate - they are authors. Because, the truth is, every single day we write our future. We write our immediate future, we write our long term future and we write and choreograph every single moment that occurs within our lives. I know that this can often sound like a big load of hogswash but it ain't. I am an absolute advocate for setting intentions, writing my future and having the universe conspire in my favour to see my dreams actualised.

One of my recent favourite films is a little known one called Ruby Sparks. Go and rent it NOW. It's an enchanting little film about an insanely talented and lonely author who sets about writing his next great novel. An already aclaimed and praised writer, he is lacking inspiration when he is overcome by images and dreams of his soulmate and 'perfect girl' and decides to write about her, their adventures and their love. He tells his brother that he finds himself writing whenever and wherever he can because he loves spending time with her. His written connection is so powerful that he smiles with her, he laughs with her, he feels her and, to him, she is real. Then, faster than you can say boomshakalaka, she is in his apartment and he has manifested his soulmate. The film is 'kin brilliant and I strongly advise that you see it. An obvious fantasy but a poignant message. I may have turned a little hippy but not so much so that I believe we can materialise things simply by writing them (soy decaf cappucino on my desk please universe), but I DO believe that the film resonates so strongly with what I'm on about. Calvin knew what he wanted, he was specific about his 'perfect girl', he knew how she felt, how she smelt, the exact shade of her hair, her subtle nuances, he knew how he felt when he was around her, he knew how they would interact. Imagine if we had that same knowing, that same utter conviction in our dreams and goals that having it come to fruition was really the only option. Once we have that pristine clarity and absolute cement-set intention - magic happens.

I also want to share with you, my darlings, a book I read recently that has had a huge impact on the way I view my life and moreso my 'problems'. It's called Zero Limits and it's based around the teachings of ho'oponopono - a Hawaiin born practice of connecting with your 'zero', where you act without ego and from a purely natural state. Dr Hew Len talks about taking complete responsibility for the world around you. And all the shit that it might include. I rejected this idea for so so long, wondering how the frick I am responsible for some of the nasty things that happen in the world. But by taking responsibility and acknowleging that fear led to its existance and by correcting it with love, you can heal your life and those things around you that are make up your world. The most interesting and phenomenal aspect of the book were the anecdotal stories that Dr Hew Len and others shared. Dr Hew Len worked at a high security correctional facility for mentally ill criminals, and was asked to work with the inmates in the hope of reducing the frequency of violence and 'unlivable' environment of the building. In just a few short years, only a few inmates remained (and were moved to lower security areas), the gardens were better maintained, a huge number of inmates had been discharged and so many more little by little changes occured. Seems fair enough, a psychiatrist was hired to do his job and did it. An impressive result but by no means a miracle. Until you read that Dr Hew Len's practice actually invovled NO direct client contact. He instead took personal responsibility for his fellow mans' current state and worked on 'cleaning' his own energies and rewriting what he saw. A little fru fru for you or want to know more - check out an article here that describes his approach and consequent successes. 

So for now I'll leave you with that. I am going to delve into this a bit more next week and talk more the 'hows' of setting your intentions etc. But for now just be aware. Get thinking about what you want to manifest into your life, what you want to remove and how exactly you will actualise your most authentic life.

Blessings from my turban wearing, mantra chanting, hippy self x

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