Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Sippin' on a fresh juice - heaven
No it ain't Eminem, it's me. Not only am I kicking off my first post back with a fabulous rapper reference, which to be honest there just aren't enough of these days, I am coming at you with so much inspiration, love, energy and positivity.

It isn't a secret that I adore Bali. I have visited this perfect island about 6 or 7 times since I was a youngin' and every time I fall a little deeper in love. I adore the energy, the sun, the atmosphere, the fresh juices and above all I adore the people. These smiling, humble, sincere and downright beautiful individuals ensure that you feel special 24/7. Imagine if everyone around us greeted us with a big ol' smile, playful humour and mutual respect. What a beautiful world that would be. On day three of our five day extravaganza we headed off through the villages of Ubud to Kintimani, a volcano surrounded by lush greenery and footed by Lake Batur (the holy lake). During our 25km descent, atop a rickety old bike and alongside two of the loves of my life, I have never felt more at peace and aligned in my whole entire life. I was exactly where I was meant to be and was greeted by beautiful sights, smiles, smells and challenges. The villagers welcomed us into their home and spoke of such an incredible and deeply rooted respect for their family, their land and their Gods. These people have got it sussed. They remain grateful for everything they have, they give thanks for the blessings they encounter, they work bloody hard and take responsibility for all of their actions. They are enlightened beyond belief. First world problems rear their ugly head way too often and our instinctual response is to become all 'woe is me', um woe is not you hunny buns. Woe is something that we can dwell on and let it engulf us or it is something that we can acknowledge and deflate it by counting our blessings rather than our downfalls. Think about just how dang lucky and blessed you are to be where you are today. You defied the odds by being conceived, let alone surviving and being born, you have people who love you, you have the ability to create a life you truly love and to live each and every day the way that you and your soul were intended to.

So today was just a short and sharp message to not get caught up in the daily dramas, those petty little gripes of life. Instead whack on a smile and just BE. Be thankful, be brave, be kind and be authentic.

Love and bali blessings from this absolute island adorer x

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