Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I WANT YOU - The Life Changing Hump Day Edition

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This image, in all it's glorious simplicity and modern tweaks, perfectly depicts where I am at right now. I'm looking at you, I'm strong and sure, I'm wearing a festive-as-fug hat and I sincerely want YOU to live your BEST life. Whatever that may mean for you. If that means a better job - I want that for you; better health - I want that for you; better relationships (friendship and romantic) - I want that for you; better income - I want that for you; better career - I want that for you; more energy - I want that for you; more gratitude and happiness - I want that for you. Believe it or not, the universe is abundant and infinite. If you get crystal clear on what you want, it delivers. But you need to get so dang clear on what it is that you want to come about, why you want it to come about and when you want it to come about. A beautiful friend of mine gave me the analogy of the universe being like the ocean, we can go to the ocean with a thimble and extract a tiny amount of water; we can go to it with a bucket and get a little more; we can go to it with a GIANT mother flippin' hose and likely won't even see a dent in water levels. The universe can't give us what we don't ask for and what we're not ready or prepared to receive. True story.
So what brings me to the blog today... Well I've been getting so clear on what it is I want, what goals and aspirations and scary big dreams I have ahead of me and where I want them to take me and why I want to get there. I have spent the past two weeks soul searching harder and further than I EVER have before. As a result, I am FEELING better than I ever have before. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - I am literally buzzing every day with anticipation and excitement and momentum when I think about what the future holds. But I needn't even think forward to the future because at the moment, my present is so dang good. Sure there are things that I would love to bring about, and I will, but my entire life right now is a direct result of how I have designed it and I take FULL responsibility for what's around me. And it's amazing. I have so many things to be grateful for that my gratitude lists are honestly getting ridiculous.
Part of my journey to get where I am today is by finding my 'tribe'. I am so so fortunate that my friends and family have ALWAYS supported me no end and they stand absolutely 110% behind everything that I do. But part of getting to where I am now is also through my connecting with people, all around the world, who have the same passions, values, direction, beliefs and energy as me. These women (I always seem to have incredibly strong women in my life and not so many fellas. Come at me boys!!*) have fanned the flames and kept my passion burning bright. Finding people that love and support you. Whether you, like me, were blessed with an army of angels around you from the time you were born (looking at you family and my girls) or whether you've discovered your tribe later in life OR whether you're yet to discover them. They're out there. Trust me they are. And they're the ones who will get you from where you are to where you want to be.
A HUGE and recent change in my life is the people I have met through Isagenix, the nutritional cleansing company that I connected with a few months back and have not let go of! The people I have met in my journey to 'wellness' - who share similar goals, values and overall enthusiasm for life and all its incredible possibilities - are the most powerful and instrumental people I have ever come across. They are changing lives, building a better tomorrow and smashing their goals, left right and centre.
I want YOU to have that. I want you to find your tribe and start your journey to your BEST life. I am looking for people to join my team - who are motivated, passionate and driven and who ultimately want to build a kind, well and FREE life for themselves. I want financial freedom and physical freedom to be the 'norm'. I want us to stop living our lives the way that we've been programmed to and instead break the mould and live life YOUR way.
I have told the universe that I will be living in a beautiful big old house on Yallingup hill with ocean views and a beautiful, inviting open floor plan by the time I am 30; I will create a life that allows me to travel and not be limited by financial or physical restraints; I will be perfectly aligned in mind, body and spirit so that everything I work for and achieve happens in perfect synchronicity with the universe. I will spend the rest of my life, til my dying days (and even then some) helping, serving and supporting others.
If ANY of this resonates with you and you want to become your healthiest self (and healthy in every single sense of the world - physical health; emotional health; spiritual health and financial health) then I want you to declare this the day that you start your new life and email me at and let's DO this. I promise you that I will put every ounce of myself and my heart into helping you achieve your goals.
Blessings and cuddles and excitement and every other positive emotion in between x
*In a completely platonic way of course ... I love you David!

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