Wednesday, 25 September 2013

BEST BIRTHDAY EVER - And Upcoming Reviews

I realised on Friday, my 25th birthday, just how much of a big ole weirdo (and just how many amazing and loving people surround me) I am based on the incredible gifts I received. I honestly think that this year topped it on the birthday present front - I was so so lucky, blessed, spoilt and a million other superlatives that refer to how freakin' BONZA my presents were. The list below mentions a few of my wellness/health/spiritual related bounty and I would LOVE to hear from other people as to what they want to hear more about and what potentially you would like me to review on the blog? I am sah excited to jump straight in (slash already have) to have a 'play' and get to know how all of these incredible gadgets/gizmos and gifts work.

+ Dehydrator - Oh holy dried sweet potato chips batman! I am so excited for this baby. 5 trays of potential deliciousness. I am planning almonds; fruit rollups (the healthy kind o' course); sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat and quinoa; dried fruit; raw pizza ... oh holy shnit I am pumped.
+ Sprouter - The world is my limit with this baby. Wheatgrass; kale; lentils; buckwheat; nuts and seeds. Yes please.
+ Crystals - I received a beautiful gift of a crystal discovery books/journal and chakra cleansing crystals. I am learning SO much about these beautiful, precious little gems. Their history, healing and medicinal purposes are insane. I can't wait to share my knowledge with you as I accumulate it. 
+ Inspiration Station - This was such a thoughtful and beautiful gift from my love. He was obviously sick of me journalling, vision boarding and writing on the bed or the couch or at the dinner table and was very over me complaining of 'I don't have anywhere I can just be inspired' (wahh!). The man bought me a portable inspiration station. A way to write and create and inspire WHEREVER the frick I want to. Watch this space. Portable lady space.
+ Garmin - I sadly lost my beloved Garmin during the move to our new house! I was absolutely spoilt and I will be able to track my runs; get a little bit of motivation and become the next Cathy Freeman. Not really. But kind of. 
+ Yoga classes at Samudra - I am SO excited to finally experience yoga classes at this incredible 'local' yoga barn. Such an incredible gift that I otherwise would not ever have treated myself to and I am such a blessed and fortunate girl to be able to indulge in these classes.  
+ Notoxbox - A delivered little box of incredible 'kind' samples for healthy and eco friendly living. This box had uncontaminated oats; hand cream; honey myrtle soup; coconut water; black bean pasta. So excited. 

This is literally just the tip of the iceberg. Incredibly blessed and so so so spoilt (undeservedly so, I believe). 

But I would LOVE to hear from you. What jumped out at you? What would you love to hear about? What would you love to see reviewed or featured on the blog?

Blessings and copious amounts of overwhelm x

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