Thursday, 5 September 2013

FEED ME THURSDAY - The "just like Baba's" Edition.

David's Baba, his grandmother, makes a frikkin mean fish soup. She makes it from scratch, simmering it for hours on her little stove and then having her cute little face light up when her blow in granddaughter (me) devours bowl after bowl of it. Dave and I have, unsuccessfully, attempted this incredible family recipe to no avail. We suck. It turns out either too stocky; too starchy or too dang fishy.

So with a fail-safe plan in which I can blame all erroneous kitchen activities on the Thermomix - I decided to give it another go. Dinner was all on me and I decided I would serve up a nostalgic bowl o' piping hot fish soup for my love and I. I used a recipe that I found on the official thermomix forum (which, by the way, is teeeeeming with information, recipes and support) and it could not have been simpler. Really. Approx 5 mins prep time (getting the vegetables and ingredients out of the fridge and pantry and organising them on the bench top...) and approx 25 mins cooking time. Oh hot dang. 

Fish and Risoni Soup - Thermie Styles

3 cloves garlic
1 large leek
2 carrots
20g olive oil
350g (1.5Cups) fish stock
1 Tbspn tomato paste
350g water
400g chopped tomatoes (I used fresh)
160g risoni pasta
600g barramundi fillets (cut into chunks)
1.5Cups parsley and/or coriander to serve

1. Chop garlic for 3 seconds on speed 7
2. Chop leek and carrot for approx 10 seconds on speed 7 (I think this could have been less if you wanted to maintain a 'chunkier' mixture
3. Scrape down the sides using TM spatula and add oil. Saute at 100 degrees, for 3 minutes on speed 1.5
4. Add stock, tomatoes, tomato paste and water and cook at 100 degrees, 10 minutes on speed 1.5
5. Add risoni and cook at 100 degrees, 10 minutes on speed 1.5 in REVERSE setting.
6. Add fish and cook at 100 degrees, 8 minutes (recipe calls for 3 minutes but that was a sashimi-like fail...) on speed 1 in REVERSE setting.
7. Garnish and stir through fresh herbs to serve. David sopped up his soup with fresh bread and loved it - so crusty bread is a favoured option for that little Croat.

Blessings from my partly Croatian inspired mid week dinner x

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