Tuesday, 3 September 2013

FEED ME TUESDAY - Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Well the thermie is definitely feeling quite at home with us I believe. It's been whirring and clanging and buzzing ever since it graced our counter top. I was given a few of the official Thermomix recipe books (everyday essentials; vegetarian; seafood; wheat and gluten free and raw) but have also been consulting websites and blogs for more inspired dinner ideas. Last night's dinner came from a website that I'm afraid I didn't jot down so if anyone has any objections to it being featured - please let me know and I'll remove it. I'm fairly certain it was one of those self-submitted recipe pages that people can source a huuuuge pile of recipes from.

Chicken and Vegetable Soup - Thermie Styles

1 onion (quartered)
1 clove garlic
1/2 leek (white part only)
20 grams oil
500 grams water
1 heaped tablespoon stock (I used the vege stock from the essentials recipe book)
1 carrot (roughly chopped)
1 handful pumpkin (roughly chopped)
1 potato (cubed)
1 celery stick (roughly chopped)
1/8 cabbage (roughly chopped)
1 handful brocolli florrets
1 tin lentils
3 free range chicken thighs

1. Put onion, garlic and leek in TM bowl and hit turbo until all ingredients are finely chopped.
2. Scrape down sides, add oil and cook for 2 minutes, 100 degrees on speed 2.
3. Place all veges (except lentils) in TM bowl and hit turbo until desired consistency achieved.
4. Add water, stock, chicken and lentils. Cook for 15minutes on 'reverse', 100 degrees, speed 2.
5. Remove lid and take out chicken, slicing or shredding it, and pop it back in.
6. Cook for a further 3 minutes on 'reverse', 100 degrees and speed 2. 
7. Serve and ENJOY!

Emily's 'Two Cents'

+ Ok so far I am ridiculously impressed with the capabilities and POWER of this baby. It is processing like a boss - and I am oh so very grateful that I haven't had to chop one onion or garlic since it arrived!
+ I babymashed the shit out of this recipe completely unintentionally which altered the presentation and potentially the taste as it all amalgamated to one giant vegetable mash soup. This is obviously an error of my own and not the machine's but still worth noting.
+ It is LOUD son. Obviously it's stirring and chopping and sauteeing and I did not at all expect it to be a whisper quiet appliance but it's loud.
+ It is faster than Ussain Bolt. I had soup on the table in 20 minutes including prep and cooking time. Ridic.
+ It has a 'cult' like following. As soon as I type 'thermomix' and 'recipes' on Google. Oh holy hell am I bombarded with "I LOVE my Thermomix!" and "Changed my life". And I get that, I totally get that.
+ It's made me WANT to cook more. I was always worried that having a machine that could 'do it all' would make the whole cooking process seem so clinical and take the love out of it. But I have found myself wanting to play around with it; making some yummy lunches for David (mashed potato and beef stew thank you very much!) and then having more time to do the other things that I love like taking pup for a walk; watching a movie with David or whatever!
+ So far ... I love it.

Blessings and continued and ever enhancing Thermomix infatuation x

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