Friday, 31 January 2014


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Remember when I told you that there has been a change in the waters around these parts? And therefore a change to the content that will be shared, promoted, discussed, encouraged and celebrated over the coming year here at Bless this Mess. Well my babies it kicks off right now. 

Call it an 'enlightening', a 'coming of age' or even just post the process of removing my freakin' blinkers but something has changed in me. The girl who used to accept whatever was presented to her, gullible and naiive, who would gobble up any bullshit she was fed (sorry for the cuss words mama) is long gone. I am thirsty for knowledge. I am questioning everything (much to David's annoyance - sorry darling). I am learning more and more about the world I live in every single dang day. I have recently discussed all this with a friend and told her quite emphatically that it's 'impossible to unlearn what I have learnt'. Being in my current position, of which I am entirely and completely grateful so please do not get me wrong, I have only been exposed to a fairly 'idealistic' world that has led me to be shockingly sheltered and ignorant. And I don't believe it's anyone's 'fault' so I'm not pointing fingers or playing the blame game but something's gotta give. We are all equal and rightful inhabitants of this planet and we deserve equality, freedom and happiness. It's taken me 25 years to realise just how incredibly wrong I was in my perception of the world and how profound the disparity amongst our global community truly is. I'm not just talking moolah here either, although today's post is kind of geared that way, but rather I'm acknowledging the complete polar worlds that fellow humans can exist within. 

It's not all doom and gloom. I know I have done a brain dump and outright 'poo poo' towards our current social and economic climate - that's just how my monkey mind processes big stuff. But, it's with absolute sincerity, a fire in my belly and blinding optimism that I tell you

it's going to get better.

Individually, we are rather voiceless. As a community, as a tribe, as a movement, we are freakin' unstoppable. We have more power within us and between us than we could ever possibly begin to understand. 

Tap into your power. Find your voice. Find your passion.  

I have big hopes, big plans and big dreams. And guess what sunshine, they all include you. My missions and hopes for this year are all boiling down to one common factor - creating a community of peaceful, kind and passionate individuals who are seeking more. More knowledge, more change, more activism, more equality, more enlightenment. If this is appeals to you, stick around, we are about to get our hands dirty.

Blessings and a rumbling in my belly that no food can possibly avail x

PS. Want to know what sparked this brain vomit? An incredibly powerful 6min clip on the reality of the US' distribution of wealth - click here to have your mind blown. Oh and on another note - I have lost approximately a gazillion hours of my life since I discovered Upworthy. It's news and trends worth sharing my friends. Spread the love.

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