Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Year as a Blogger - lessons learnt + proudest moments.

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January marks the first birthday of my little blog baby and, as I am yet to share the exact experiences that having a child brings, I'm sure this botchy analogy will possess a few generalisations - just bare with me. 

The first few weeks/months were fun and exciting as I learnt the ins and outs of blogging and 'found my feet' as I got back into my writing. There were some times I thought I had overcommited and was a big ole fraud - cue my tears as I sobbed to David 'I don't even know what I'm talking about' and 'No one even cares if I write so why should I?'. Then there were the proud as punch 'mama moments' that set my heart alight. My blog was growing, being appreciated, changing and encouraging change in myself and being recognised by my peers and mentors. I've had days and, on occasion, weeks where I didn't feel like writing and wondered if I would ever get the spark back. I did and it always does, but it waivers from time to time and I know that these cycles are just a part of life and who am I to ruffle those divine feathers?

Over the past 12 months I have learnt a tonne of lessons - about myself, blogging, my community, my friends and family, the planet and all sorts of fun shiz. I have also had a few moments that has inspired so much pride and feelings of accomplishment as I potter along defining my own path and establishing my work in the blogosphere. So, without further ado, here are my lessons learn and proudest moments for my first year as a blogger -

1// It takes time. I am a busy girl, who loves to be busy, who loves productivity and who loves getting a lot of shiz done. As I am sure those of you who are regular BTM visitors have realised - I sometimes go MIA for a while. Time management and efficiency are must and some days I am a little sloppy. But s'all good - I'm still learning.

2// It takes passion and inspires passion. In a similar vein to time - if I'm not feeling it, the words just won't come. It takes passion to get me to the computer or my journal and get writing. After a writing sesh though - it inspires passion and leaves me with a sort of writer's high. Endorphins a go go.

3// It encourages self actualisation and authenticity. I think that writing almost everyday is a really incredible tool for uncovering more about yourself and tapping into your true potential and divine self. Without getting to fru fru - I honestly believe that writing unlocks your unconscious and encourages true self expression. What can be more powerful than uncovering that?!

4// It has attracted incredible people into my life. The networks that has arisen from my interactions with other bloggers, foodies, health coaches and life lovers is just incredible (I'm looking at you Soulpreneurs) and I have developed such beautiful friendships along the way. The support, mentoring and love shown to me by my incredible inspirations such as my blog coach Rachel Macdonald (of In Spaces Between), my gorgeous friend and transformation leader Jessica Ainscough (of the Wellness Warrior) and the incredibly inspiring Tara Bliss (of Such Different Skies) to name a few - is so profound and something I truly treasure. Special mention to Emily Ehlers, Claire Baker and the beautiful Anna Oglvie who have also been my little posse of inspiration and positivity.


5// It has strengthened my relationships with the amazing people who were already in my life. Through my blogging and over my journey - I have learnt so much about my own values, priorities and practicing extreme gratitude for all the blessings in my life. My friends and family will always, and have always been, my greatest blessing and my number one priority. I didn't know it was possible to love people as much and as wholly as I do now but hooley dooley it's an incredible thing to experience. I am hand-over-heart the luckiest girl to have the support network that I have and such incredible humans in my life. Mush over, tears wiped, but you guys are awesome.

 6// If it doesn't feel right - don't force it baby. This little nugget o' wisdom is true about love, bowel movements and blogging. If you're not feeling it - don't make it something it's not and don't force it. I have days when blogging is the last thing on my mind and just the thought of tapping away at the keys stresses me and makes me uneasy. I never want writing to feel anything less than joyful so if my heart says no, my laptop stays shut. Except for when I want to YouTube Channing Tatum dances - then the lid pops right up again.

7// Being featured on the Wellness Warrior. This was the proudest moment for me as a blogger. Being recognised for my writing and being shared by someone who has been a pinacle source of inspiration and kindness was just incredible. I will never forget the smile on my face the morning I logged on and saw my post on Jess's website. For those of you who never caught it - click here to see. Eeee!

8// My incredible interviews and Inspiring Souls for 2013. This was by far my favourite segment on the blog and allowed me to connect with all sorts of amazing and inspiring women in the community (this year I'm wanting to continue with this segment but boost the male input so come on fellas - get around it!). Interviewees have included - Georgia Hurst, Billi Ingram, Jessica Ainscough & Laura Campbell. Keep your eyes peeled for a few more over the coming weeks.

So my little love monkeys - that's it. Heart on sleeve, pearls of wisdom and gratitude aplenty for this seniorita.

I can't wait to disclose a little more about what's in store for BTM in 2014. Expect a post in the next few days.

I can't finish this post without acknowledging however just how grateful I am for YOU. My readers, friends, supporters and followers who allow me to write and share things that I am passionate about. Thank you for celebrating my first year with me and cheers to many more together. You're amazing.

Blessings and buckets of gratitude coming out my ears x


  1. You are such a beautiful writer Emily! What a big year for you. Sometimes people think big years are all about travelling and huge life moments, but sometimes and almost more importantly, it's about you as a person and your growth, so congratulations on a big 2013! I hope 2014 is all you want and more.. maybe another cameo on Jess' blog (so jealous!!) xx

    1. Oh Brooke you gorgeous soul - thank you so much! And cheers to our 2013's! I think that 2014 will be killer. Thank you for your love, support and friendship x

  2. What a year you have had beautiful! Tremendous. So grateful for the mention and thrilled I could be apart of your journey x

    1. Claire Bear - thank YOU. 2013 was amazing but holy-shitballs - how great does 2013 look and feel?! x

  3. Em. Em. Em. I have poured a HUGE amount o'love to you in a private email but the biggest amount of love also needs to be poured out to you here. Thank you for being a divine being of light in the online world, thank you for being authentic, FUN, committed to posting amazing posts consistently. Thank you for rocking at bear hugs, knowing JUSTTT when to send a text at the EXACT right time and being a constant source of inspiration and belief that there really are just extraordinary people in this world. THANK YOU for featuring me here, it was a huge honour to see and read it and I consider myself super blessed to have crossed paths with you in this life (& hopefully we party right on in to the next) .. bucket loads of love you hot thing xxxx

    1. OOOOOH cue tears. Thank you so much Anna. Hell yes to a reincarnated reunion baby! Cuddles and abundant love xx


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