Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Destination Fixation.

In one week, I will be poolside (or beachside - wherever the wind blows me), sippin' on a coconut with the amazing Hawaiian sun beaming down on me... Yes my friends, I am holiday bound. 

For oh-so long I have promised myself a holiday and have been planning trip after trip, year after year, with something always getting in the way. That's 'Emily' code speak for making bullshit excuses like 'I'm too busy', 'I have too much on', 'I have no money' or 'I have nothing to wear'. Ok, the last one has only snuck in once, but the rest are essentially on repeat in my internal 'you're stuck in WA forever' playlist. And, regular readers will be well aware that I am a huge believer in 'serendipitous' behaviour and divine timing, this trip could not have come at a better time for me in every way. Thank you universe!

So what is on the agenda?
+ A few cheeky nights at a Waikiki lush hotel
+ A retreat on Hilo (think daily yoga, phones off, books out and soulful reconnection)
+ A handful of days at a surf hostel
+ A few nights in the jungles of Kuaui
+ A visit to the Wanderlust festival on Oahu
+ Capping it all off with a few restful nights at a Hawaiian B&B

Doesn't that sound magical? Typing it out has gotten me even more excited. I'm going to switch off and get my relaxation on like never before. The pressures I put on myself for being and staying 'busy' are ridiculous, and so dang nasty for my health! So to combat this I'm trying out a new little affirmation ...

i give myself permission to release 'busyness' and embrace stillness.

My only to do list will be along the lines of:
+ Learn to surf
+ Yoga erryday
+ Meditate erryday
+ Laze around in my bathers
+ Hike up Volcanoes
+ Dive with the turtles
+ Read in a hammock
+ Meet people and strike up conversations with errybody!
+ Try new foods
+ Drink fresh coconuts
+ Try an acai bowl on North Shore (I've heard they are to die for)
+ Bask in the sun, sans makeup
+ Push myself out of my comfort zone a little bit more each day

Any recommendations or must sees or must dos? Help a sister out! I'd also love to hear how YOU plan to rest and rejuvenate in 2014? Comment below!

The blog may get a little quiet around these parts, I'm sorry! Keep popping in though because I have some fabulous guest bloggers who will be helping me out and sharing themselves and their incredible message with you all.

Blessings and lei adorned cuddles x

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  1. Ahhhhhhh sounds amazing!! I will be following your every move because I'm thinking Hawaii in August/early Sept :D:D


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