Thursday, 6 February 2014


I don't often crush on the ladies, and when I do it's completely platonic by the way (sorry fellas with your minds in the gutter), but when I do - I crush hard. I become transfixed by their authenticity, their confidence, their kindness or their prowess. And, unlike other crushes that lead to 'flirt', that lead to 'like', that lead to 'love' - Emily style girl crushes always boil down to the same thing ...

i want to learn more of what you're about. and i want to be your friend.

Who makes my crushing list at le momente?

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Ellen Degeneres - A perhaps 'controversial' first choice as my latest girl crush but there's just something about Ellen. I love her quirkiness and when we meet (which I am oh so sure one day we will) I will poke and prod her to do Dory impressions until she cracks. Her advocacy and passion for animal rights and humanitarian work is just awe inspiring. She is one beautiful lady who has inspired a generation to 'live kindly'. Defs crush worthy.

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+ Jennifer Lawrence - she oozes goofiness and confidence and 'don't give a shit' attitude that won my heart over from her first interview. She is absolutely stunning, hilarious and a brilliant actress to boot. Welcome Jen - and get cosy next to Emma Stone as my favourite goofball (but oh so talented) hollywood actresses.

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+ Marie Forleo - if J Law was a 'crush' then this lady is my long term mistress. I came across Marie and her incredible ways about 12 months ago and was hooked. I quickly devoured every post she had ever written and every video blog she had ever posted. She has got that somethin' somethin'. She is incredibly gifted and an inspirational new age thinker - she is able to eloquently and accessibly talk about issues of spirituality, business, health and writing. She serves up a weekly dose of life enriching knowledge via her youtube channel erry Wednesday. Get acquainted. Stat.

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+ Danielle Laporte - Her writing is so very powerful and I literally can't soak up all her knowledge fast enough. This diva flipped conventional goal setting strategies on their head and has made it her mission to share and promote the importance of establishing our core desired feelings when it comes to our inspirational endeavours. Her most recent book - The Desire Map - is an incredible tool and is broken into a beautifully written narrative on Danielle's goal setting philosophy and a 'workbook' that allows its readers to practice exactly was LaPorte is preachin'. All of you ambitious son of a guns, get involved.

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+ Kristen Wiig - If I could subscribe to her one woman show and all her crazy characters - I would be all over that in a heartbeat. My favourite Wiigy characters have been Forehead Lady on the Lawrence Welk show; Sexy Shauna and Target Lady. By far one of the funniest ladies on the planet. I love her!

Blessings and way too many unsettling girl crushes later x

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