Wednesday, 9 April 2014


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There are oh so many things that are making me smile this week & this list is just a short snippet of things that are fuelling my fire -

+ Weddings & the absolute love fest that they are
+ Preparing to take on health coaching clients over the next few weeks
+ Cuddles. Squeeze-the-shit-out-of-one-another style cuddles
+ Days upon days of fresh, cold pressed, organic juices
+ Having my eyes marvel over the pages of a good book
+ Blue blue skies
+ Study sessions with a wild, open & passionate heart
+ Wrapping my hands around a hot mug of soy cappuccino
+ Forehead kisses
+ The zealous & infectious energy of a two year old rottweiler
+ Hard core, crazy dancing to Snoop
+ Compilation CD's on repeat during long drives
+ Going for a walk in the Autumn sun
+ Long, mermaid hair
+ Morning tea with grandparents
+ Pages & pages of notes, scribbles & sketches

What are YOU grateful for?

Blessings and buckets of gratitude x


  1. 'Long, mermaid hair' love it! Xx

    1. Hehehe - I am forever hating my locks and decided to send bucket loads of love and gratitude to them! x


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