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The past few weeks have seen me invest so much of my time, energy and love into this little baby of a blog. I have been writing more soulfully, pursuing creative ventures, planning like a mother bitch and spending more time reflecting on my intentions, hopes and dreams for this space. As such, I've spent a bit of my time trying to be a 'reader'. I have taken off my writers' hat and have tried to explore this space just as you would - reading posts, trying recipes, applying the teachings or strategies and basically seeing this space for what it is, as unbiasedly as possible. 

Although it's far from perfect - some posts are rife with spelling and grammatical errors, some posts seem to crap on about nothing, the aesthetics are a little poopy, I'm such a slop when it comes to newsletters and updates (but I'm definitely improving and this has been one of my most recent commitments) - perfection is boring and I truly believe that every single word on this blog is a true reflection of me. It has grown over the years, as have I, and I think the writing, content and energy of the posts captures this change. I am all about writing in the moment, about capturing the stirrings of my heart (or whirrings of my mind) and expressing that through my words and pictures. 

Because I've been doing oh-so-much reading in this little cave of wonders - I have rediscovered posts and have almost explored them with completely new eyes, given that it's been so long between read throughs. I have cringed at posts where I didn't write well, I have smiled at posts that I poured my heart and soul into, I have laughed at my early day references to Ryan Gosling, I have been proud of the authenticity and truth of my words, I have rediscovered information about topics that I so passionately wrote about at the time and I have been back in my kitch using recipes of old! 

I wanted to share with you all of my favourite posts from the past 16 months. Have a peruse, sit and devour them all at once, or come back to this post every now and again to revisit 'old friends'. If you're new to Bless this Mess, this could be a very timely post and you will get to explore a little of the 'behind the scenes' musings of yesteryear (or yestermonth, or yesterweek ...). 

The posts below are my proud little gems that I would love to share again with you - 


+ A Letter to my 16 year old Self - I cried writing this. Raw and kind.
+ My First Year as a Blogger - 12 months of lessons and a labour of love.
+ The Simple Truth - my heart on my sleeve.

Vegan icecream - oh holy sheet do I revisit this bad boy regularly?!
+ Raw chocolate brownies - my best ever kitchen creation.
My everyday salad - seriously, everyday.
Green smoothie  - my first video on BTM. Andddd I love this smoothie.


+ Mind, body and spirit - the first of my 'spiritual' posts.
+ Epiphanies and shit - recent but profound.
+ We are ALL connected - simple and true.


+ The Lifestyle Transformation Guide - hands down one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. It changed my life.
+ Runs and Rides with dad - such a precious thing that connects us even more, I truly treasure time spent with my incredible papa.
+ Yoga love - because we could all do with a little more yoga.

Enviro and Society

+ The Ocean Garbage Patch - a cause that is so very close to my heart.
+ Disparity of Wealth - my first post that wasn't orientated towards typical health and wellness, and I think I tapped into another area of passion that day!
+ Kind Cleaning - practical and crazy informative!

So that's my wrap up! 16 months of blogging and these tidbits are probably my favourite nuggets o' Emily. The power of blogging blows me away. I started the blog as a means of sharing information and connecting with likeminded people but I cannot believe how much I myself have grown in the process. This 'online diary' has allowed me to see, in a chronicled history of posts, just how much my thoughts, beliefs, passions and learnings have shifted and developed. I truly hope you enjoy reading these posts and exploring this space as much as I enjoy delivering it to you. Truly.

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What are your favourite posts - either from BTM or other sites? Share in the comments below and let's have a 'coffee and reading' sort of Sunday!

Blessings and muddy feet from my stroll down memory lane x

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