Thursday, 1 May 2014

SHARE THE LOVE - A Video to Inspire and Spark Change

THIS video is incredible. This week's edition of MarieTv was such a doozy. Full of incredible theory, practical strategies and incredibly valuable lessons in the arena of personal growth and change. I am such an advocate of goal setting and transformation but, truth be told, I'm someone that often comes up against significant resistance and self-sabotage style avoidance whenever I initially set my goals. Sometimes I power through and am a woman of my word and other times I fall flat on mah face. Marie Forleo and the oh so spunky Todd Herman have shed some light on this (and so divinely timed as I plan to embark of a pretty transformative few months - thanks universe for having my back, again!) and explain the difference between the opposing mindsets when we are faced with change.

Today's 'Share the Love' post is all about this fab video - so that's it from me. Short and sweet my darlings. 

I suggest you get comfy and watch it immediately - if not sooner.

Blessings and lots of screaming from my 'ow' brain x

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