Monday, 25 February 2013

FEED ME MONDAYS - The Basic Meal Edition

'Ello 'ello!

And so begins another week. These Mondays seem to come around so fast don't they? I've been busy fighting a bloody cold over the weekend but it seems I am winning (yes!) so glad to see the tail end of a very sore throat, sniffly nose and night sweats!

Mondays are short and sharp. You guys are busy, hungry people so I try my best to cut to the chase. I can hear you shouting 'just give us the recipe!' all the way from my little velvet chair in the South West!

So I wish you all a wonderful day filled with productivity, healthy food, a good dose of sweatin', kind words and lots o' cuddles and will jump straight to today's recipe.

It's a quick, simple, flavoursome and healthy dinner that is probably one that I treat myself to every couple of weeks when I'm ridin' solo and preparing meals for one. I really should not label this dish as a 'recipe' - I'm merely sharing a dinner option with you guys but its honestly one of the easiest and quickest things to prepare! It's my crispy skinned salmon and big ol' dose of veges dinner!

Crispy Skinned Salmon and Veges
Perfect for date nights for all my single ladies and fellas out there. Yes - it's a solo dish!

1 piece salmon (150-200g)
Peanut or coconut oil (coconut oil has a higher smoke point so can be heated fairly high without becoming rancid and carcinogenic - it also gives the salmon a lovely flavour!)
Salt and Pepper

Preheat oven to 170 celsius and pop a piece on an oven proof pan. Get yo' salmon and rub a little oil (not much as it's already a fairly oily fish) over both sides of the fillet. Grind a little salt and pepper and rub into the skin. Cook for 3minutes each side on med-high heat in a small fry pan. Remove from pan and transfer to the oven pan. To ensure a crispy skin - place skin side up or on it's side. Bake for approximately 10minutes and add to the side of your big ol' salad or plate of veges and prepare for an omega 3 HIT!

I use the kale salad from the first ever 'Feed Me Mondays' post here and have since adapted this dish by taking out the feta, substituting kale for silverbeet from time to time and adding a sprinkle of chia seeds or 4-5 walnuts to the veges. Nom Nom Nom.

Blessings from my romantic dinner for one x

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