Wednesday, 27 February 2013


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Hear that? Sound of silence people and boy is it a sweet sound! This week's Workout Wednesday topic is Yoga. I am being slowly pulled more and more into the stillness and serenity that yoga and meditation provides. As I am learning more about holistic health and wellness, I'm realising that forcing myself to hate my way through 60min+ cardio workouts in a boring, mechanical gym isn't going to help nourish and support my body the way I want it to! 

I spoke in a previous post about my revelations regarding my approach to health and fitness and I've had staggering results since applying this new principle and new way of thinking. I have done my longest runs in months, I have consistently moved my body every day and I am feeling more accepting and proud of my body every single day. Not a perfect relationship by any stretch but one that's definitely establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with!

So - yoga. I have dabbled in yoga, pilates, body balance and core classes over the years and it hasn't been one that I have been consistent with or really even enjoyed that much. But recently my body's cravings have changed and it is saying "woman, please stretch me and let me chill the frik out" - and who am I to argue with my body?!

For the month of March I am committing to yoga-a-day. A challenge put out by fellow instagrammer 'Grow Beautiful Soul' - this project is about having a single pose focus for each day, pushing yourself and setting yourself up to experience the benefits of daily yoga practice. I have been limbering myself up and starting to experiment with a few more poses over the past week and I absolutely love it! Holding each pose for approximately 10-15seconds feels so invigorating and super charges your energy.

Namaste lovelies! Get on it!

So what are the benefits of yoga?

1. Cardiovascular Health - The postures involve holding poses for a prolongued time which boosts cardiovascular fitness and circulation. All you high blood pressured sisters and misters - get bent (literally - I promise it will help!).
2. Digestive Health - Certain postures massage the surrounding tissues and improve circulation to digestive organs. Watch your metabolism go va-va-voom!
3. Musculo-skeletal Health - Yoga encourages and exercises full joint mobility making sure they are moved through their full range of motion. The postures also provide release of muscular tension, increases flexibility, improves balance, strength and endurance. Regular yoga practice can support improved posture and can resolve back pain.
4. Nervous System - Yoga has proven to reduce stress and anxiety and replace these negative nancy emotions with a sense of calm and serenity. Sign me up playa!

Blessings and 'omms' from my back-bended spine x

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