Thursday, 30 May 2013


+ I am someone who finishes what I start
+ I am someone who brings love and kindness into everything that I do
+ I am someone who is happy and who loves life
+ I am someone who counts my blessing every dang day
+ I am fit and healthy
+ I am a writer
+ I am financially secure
+ I am successfully and busily workin' on some big projects
+ I am going to leave my mark

What are your mantras and motivations for the new month beautiful? Say it, write it, stick it (somewhere you can see - mine are in my wallet; on my mirror and in my journal!), and above all believe it. Imagine and experience exactly how you feel when you ARE within that mantra. Want to run your first 5km race - 'I am a runner' - imagine yourself walking, talking, acting and running like a runner would. Be the person you wish to be, fake it til you make it, and watch for the miracles that will pour into your life.

Blessings from my mantra chantin' self x

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