Wednesday, 5 June 2013


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Far too often we focus on what our bodies are NOT or what they are NOT capable of doing. My body is never going to be a size 6 nor is it ever going to be the ideal body type for jockey-ing. But, you know what my darlings, my body is good for a whole lot of other reasons. So join me in cranking out the gratitude pen and paper and gettin' thankful. Part of my emotional detox for the month of June is to completely rid myself of negative backchat. To get 'bitch Emily' off my back and kick her to the kerb. Every time a nasty thought or criticism passes through my mind - I am 'boing flipping' it with a positive one. So here it goes - my 'I love my body' list.

+ I love my strong legs - they help me to run, lift, stretch, peddle and get me safe-and-sound from a to b
+ I love my long arms - they allow me to hug the people I love
+ I love my stomach - because *one day that little abdominal area might just house a mini Emily and THAT is pretty freakin' special
+ I love my hands - they create some pretty amazing things
+ I love my face - it expresses my emotion, it is so important in my profession and allows me to communicate and help others to communicate as best they can
+ I love my feet - and I love them even more when I treat myself to a pedi hehe
+ I love my butt - because when it's worked hard, it grows. And I get a 'wooty' (white girl booty).
+ I love my boobs - probably the hardest one to say and to declare my love for. But I am grateful that I have feminine curves and that I was blessed with something that (although I don't always want or appreciate) other girls would want and often resort to surgery to get
+ I love my eyes - all the better to see the beauty of the world with. And Channing Tatum.

Over to YOU! Crank that love list. Ask other people what they love about your body? It is NOT wanky or self indulgent to love yourself. It is vital. Vital for your health and happiness. We are unique and mother flippin' glorious human beings and this should be celebrated every single day. Join me in finally winning this war against our bodies! Firearms (harsh words) away and peace signs (loving words) at the ready.

Blessings from my oozing in positivity and happiness little corner of the South West x

* One day means in a gazillion years time. Don't read too much into this. I'm looking at you, Mum. 

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