Thursday, 6 June 2013


Putting on my other blogger hat now and directing your lovely selves over to Emma Sutherland's beautiful cyber space in which I provide weekly contributor posts. I am so proud and privileged to be part of this amazing team and wholeheartedly support Emma's vision for a posse of healthy, happy Australian women. 

June is Detox month over at Emma Sutherland headquarters and I am a woman of my word and believe in practicing what I preach. So what will it involve for me? Well, check out the blog for more deets*, but basically I am embarking on a holistic detox. A detox for my mind, body and emotional spirit. 

Over the next 30 days I will embark on ...

+ A 30 day nutritional cleanse.
+ An emotional detox that will see me 'boing flip' every negative thought that passes through my mind
+ A technology detox that'll involve limiting the amount of time I spend 'online'. God help me!
+ A physical, sweat inducing detox to get my body movin' erryday. Basically keeping up what I'm doing but amping up the sweat factor and focussing on getting huffy puffy as often as possible.

What about YOU? I want you to grab June by the proverbial balls and make it your bitch. Set goals, dream big, accept nothing less than you deserve and kick ass.

Blessings from my detox induced endorphin high x

*My detox post isn't up just yet, should pop up over the next few days but I welcome you to familiarise yourself with Emma and her lovely posse of contributors in the meantime!

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