Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Oh holy tolitoes. It's here it's here! If you have been waiting and umming and ahhing about whether or not to jump on the wellness and spiritual revolution bandwagon then saddle up and get ready to jump.thee.fug.on. 

The Go Love Yourself e-bundle is now on sale and chocablock full of resources and writings of the most incredible team of contributors. I honestly believe that this is the ultimate treat in self-care and I rationalised it as sacrificing a trip to the beauty salon for its purchase and believe that it's one that will just keep on givin'.

I obviously don't get any comish or any sort of reimbursement for endorsing this but I have personally been counting down for its release (and didn't have a blog post ready for this morning *cough*) so thought I would share the love through! I have realised that self-care and self-love is the most vital step to wellness and health and one that I have recently let slip a whole lot so I'm back on the self love train and getting ready to chugga chug this bitch. For the month of June I am in detox mode (Thursday's post will be all about my adventures so eyes peeled) and my emotional/self love detox is the first priority. So the timing, as it always is in life, is absolutely serendipitous. Thanks universe!

Have a happy, healthy, wonderful day my lovelies.

Blessings from my pampering self x

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