Wednesday, 16 October 2013


You know those books that, once you read them, you’re left transformed? Whether it has modified a certain way of thinking, it’s inspired you to pursue a dream or interest, has made you laugh out loud and has changed your energy and demeanour for the next x amount of weeks or in whatever way, big or small. Well, that happened. I unknowingly picked up a book, at my gorgeous little local store, merely thinking ‘that looks interesting’ and off I went. Over the next few weeks, errynight, I immersed myself in the incredible words of Mr Holden.

Title: Authentic Success
Author: Robert Holden (Director of Success Intelligence and Happiness Project).
In a Nutshell: Redefining what we consider to be ‘successful’ living. Infused with soulful and inspiring tidbits, incredible case studies and nuggets of wisdom.

Because this book is oh-so-incredible and wise, I am breaking it down into bite sized chunks so as to ensure you read, reflect and remember the beautiful pieces of soulful wisdom. As I read, I highlighted those quotes and pieces of information that leapt of the page, and I inadvertently created a perfect, transformative little collection o' words. Each chapter brought with in a whole new bombardment of insightful thoughts into 'success' and how we perceive and achieve it. So, without further ado, I'm going to kick off our successful journey and dive right into the first chapter of 'Vision'...


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+ Stopping is a way to connect again to your vision, wisdom and purpose
+ It is an age old habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way
+ Heal the culture of death by overwork; death of creativity; death of talent; death of fresh ideas
+ More heart in your business/work/life
+ Your goal is not to maximise productivity, it's to be more valuable
+ A model of success is need - a model that knows that success is primarily a way of being, not just a shopping list.
+ At school, I was taught lots of facts and how to pass a test, but not how to create vision, discover a purpose and lead a successful life
+ Permanent busyness blocks vision. Leaders are not meant to be permanently busy. Leaders are the custodians of vision
+ It is only when we let go of our busyness that vision returns, inspiration appears and a new level of true success is available
+ Busyness is what you give your time to, a purpose is what you give your heart to

"Where there is no vision, people perish" 
Proverbs 29:18

Blessings from my eclectic and overlapping vision board x

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